Can Aloe Vera Help with Chronic Stomach Inflammation?

by John

Hi, my name is John,
and I have been suffering with chronic stomach inflammation for over a year. I have tried so many things; nothing helps.

If I eat certain things like corn, wheat, or sugar, I flare up.

I'd like to know if aloe vera plant gel would help me. I'm alergic to citric acid so I'm not sure if aloe vera plant has it. Can you please let me know?

Thank you so much.

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Nov 17, 2014
Chronic Stomach Inflammation
by: Ruth

Yes, John!
Aloe Vera can definitely help with chronic stomach inflammation! I know this from personal experience, and also my Dad's.

Dad had a stomach ulcer, and could not afford the Rx, so I gave him raw aloe vera gel 2 or 3 times a day for 6 weeks. When he went back, the ultra sound showed NO ulcer at all any more.

The fact that you have that easily inflamed stomach indicates that the good bacteria that are to dissolve and absorb your food into your body are outnumbered. You need to replenish the probiotics in your system, and the aloe vera will help with that in a very gentle, soothing way.

I'm no doctor or scientist, I can only speak from personal experience, because I was making my list of what I could eat shorter and shorter all the time too. Even too much physical exercise when I was doing my Saturday yard work and housecleaning could tie my stomach up in knots for the next couple of days.

But when I started drinking aloe vera juice at least once a day, things began to change. I now eat breads again, and pretty well whatever I want. Of course, I go in moderation, and try to stick mostly to raw fruits and vegetables for the most part. Or about 25-50% at least.

If you take too much aloe vera at a time, your bowels will dump it, but your whole digestive tract needs to be rinsed and healed by aloe vera anyway, so I would not worry about it.

I hope you will find this true too, John!

Blessings & Thanks for asking,

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