Amazing Aloe Bush in Florida

by unknown

Someone who forgot to leave name and contact info left a message describing an Amazing Aloe Bush in Florida.

I am in love with aloes, so when I went down to Florida for my grandmother's funeral you can imagine my surprise when I saw this huge (can only explain it as a bush!) in my Aunt's yard.

It's a TON of aloes that have produced pups over the years & now those pups are huge producing their own pups! I can only imagine how many years this plant has been reproducing.

I really wanted one and so my uncle cut a medium size one off for me.

I really really want it to live but I can't seem to find any information on if it's possible. It has a firm long base but no little strands of roots.

Please help if you can! I will try and post pictures of it of that helps. Sounds really stupid but this plant means a lot to me. Thank you for any help you can give.

Ruth's reply:
Hi Friend!
(you didn't leave an email, so I'm not sure how you are going to discover this to get your answer, but I'll try here).

It's not a stupid question, and I'm positive I would be excited too, if i saw a yard full of aloe vera plants like that.

Of course we should make sure it is an aloe vera plant and not one of the other aloe varieties that are not suitable for medicinal purposes. - I do wish you'd upload some photos!

Unfortunately, your uncle did NOT do you a favour by just cutting off a leaf. He should have pulled up a small pup or "offset" and given that to you. I've had no luck with just planting a piece of aloe vera leaf. The gel leaks out to soak into the soil, and the skin of the leaf dies.

I suspect your aunt and uncle don't understand the wealth they have there and that many people would pay good money to have one of their plants. But with a root!

I have visitors to my site write all the time asking where they can get a BIG aloe vera plant. I wish I could help them.

Thanks for telling us about that Aloe Bush in Florida. I am pretty sure there are more in Florida and the southern USA, and the Caribbean, as well as in Africa and Asia.


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