Aloe Vera Lives in Water

by Michael
(Little Rock, AR)

Michael has an unusual question:

I have part of my Grandmother's aloe. She had the parent plant for 50 years & my Mom has had it for 19 years.

I took a part of it and stuck it in water 5 years ago. Can I transplant it into soil? I ask as everything says the plant can't live in water but mine has.


Ruth replies;

Hey, congratulations, Michael!
I would love to see a picture of your plant, as I usually find that too much water can drown a small aloe vera plant.

On the other hand, if you just have the root end stuck into water, I think that is fine.

And yes, if you have a rootlet showing, you can plant it into soil, and your plant is off to a good start!

Do add a comment and give us a progress report - and if possible a photo.

Any one else have experience with aloe vera plants in water? Tell us about it...


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