Aloe is multiplying like a rabbit

by Susan
(Hamilton, Il)

I was given an aloe plant around three or four months and since then she's had twelve babies and grown massive. The growing part I can handle, but do you have any tips I can use to get Momma Aloe to slow down with the propagation?


Hey, Susan, I know the feeling! Mine have babies too before they can really be called an adult plant.

My theory is that they produce babies if they think they are not getting enough moisture and nourishment. I usually only water them once a week. If you try watering them a bit more often - maybe then they will relax and just focus on growing larger themselves.

Anybody else know for sure?


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Feb 27, 2012
A plant 'leaving' it's container looks like...?
by: Ruth Marlene Friesen

Hey, you make me wish there were photos here to see that "leaving" kind of plant. :)

I've had some that sprawl all over beyond the pot or container - maybe they were 'leaving'?


Feb 09, 2012
multiplying aloe
by: Susan

I forgot to mention Momma Aloe is full grown. She's probably about 12 inches tall. She was in a crowded pot and kept trying to leave when one of my coworkers passed her on to me.

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