Aloe for heat rash?

(Southern California)


I was wondering if you have had any experience with aloe vera helping with heat rash. (Or, perhaps you know of some stories or testimonials).

Now that summer is in full-swing, I am getting this terribly itchy redness over my body due to the heat. I have just moved into an apartment that has a gigantic aloe plant - I have never seen one this large. It takes up a space approximately 8 feet wide and three feet deep - a near-endless supply!

I thought I would try eating some aloe to see if it relieves my skin symptoms. Any information or stories you have are greatly appreciated. I assume that putting the aloe directly on my skin when I have an attack would or course help as well.



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Sep 01, 2012
Heat Rash Cure
by: Anonymous

Aloe gel is GREAT for heat rash. The whole family uses it for rash underneath bra lines, in between folds of breasts/belly etc., and just plain heat rash around neck and chest. It is amazing and usually see results within hours or less. Sometimes a day but never very long.

Aug 08, 2011
Yes, Aloe should do Great for heat rash
by: Ruth Friesen

Oh yes, aloe vera should do great for heat rash.

I think back to just this last Easter when I accidentally burned my hand at my brother's place. (See the full story with photos here;

I remember how cooling - how soothing that raw aloe vera gel was on my second degree burn!

I've also used it on sunburns!

Aloe very gel cools and moisturizes the skin. I'm sure in a heat rash the skin is crying out in thirst! Give it aloe vera to meet that thirst, moisturize, and heal all at once!


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