Aloe Ferox vs. Aloe Vera?

by Joe
(Birmingham, UK)

Firstly, I have read through your site, and I think it is absolutely excellent. It is the most detailed place I have found about Aloe Vera.

It began, when I bought a seed growing Kit for something called "Aloe Alin". Aloe Vera being the most common, I bought it, presuming that it would be that. However, after opening the pack, I found that it said the species was "Aloe Ferox".

At first, I was disappointed, because I thought that nothing would beat Aloe Vera. But then, after some research, I found it to be a lot more potent. After reading your section about Aloe Ferox, I think that you have made a mistake. The Gel of the aloe ferox plant has proven to be twice as potent as the Aloe Vera, but the stated number of 20, it think, is incorrect. However, I may know why you think this. The Cape Aloe is often used for its bitter sap, which has laxative effects. Aloe Ferox has a lot more sap than the Aloe Vera, but slightly less gel. I have read that the sap of the Aloe Ferox, is 20 times more potent than Aloe Vera. I do not think the gel is 20 times more potent, or else it would be the plant everybody used.

What I was writing to ask though, is for you to shed some light on this matter. I have read contradictory sites, some of which are saying that Aloe Vera is the best, and others with a revealing chemical analysis, which does show Aloe Ferox to be more effective. As well as Aloe Ferox, I do have one Aloe Barbadensis plant, but I was wondering about this Aloe Ferox.

A picture of the "Aloe Alin" box I bought, is at the top.

Ruth Replies:
Joe, I thank you for raising this question. I confess that I have never personally seen or handled an aloe ferox plant. I was writing strictly from what I was discovering in my own research online.

It appears you are in a good position now to compare the two types of aloes and when you can give us some definitive comparisons, I invite you to contribute it, and I'll share it on this site.


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