Acid Reflux and Eczema Questions

by Cathy
(Orangeville Ontario Canada)

I have had acid reflux since I was 14 years old and have learned how to keep it under control without a lot of drugs. (I am now 54). However, when I do have a bout of recurring acid reflux I have found that Aloe Vera juice mixed in apple juice will help me get over it much faster.

However, I break out in an itchy dry rash all over the trunk of my body after about 1 week of taking this. I have wondered whether this is an allergic reaction or toxins coming out?

I have had eczema all my life and whenever my body experiences a eczema, (normally under excellent control by taking primrose oil) flares up.

As a side bar to this, I have fought dry itchy scalp for years. I have recently conquered it with applying aloe vera directly on the scalp after washing my hair. No rinsing is required.

So since, I am not topically allergic to aloe vera....does not my theory of break out toxins make sense when I ingest it?


Ruth: Does anyone have helpful comments for Cathy?

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