How to Become a Part of the Forever Living Company

You may have learned enough to be wondering, "How can I become a part of the Forever Living Company?"

I'll be happy to give you more information to help you make your final decision and commitment. If you are thinking in terms of a viable business opportunity, you will want to know about the marketing plan, what is required of you, what styles of marketing work you can adopt, what kind of helps are available, and what are the potential profit margins.

(Personally, I would prowl all over the Forever Living site and discover as much as possible).

Look for the Join link

this will lead you to a helpful video. The marketing plans have been designed to help everyone reach their financial goals. It doesn't matter whether you want just a part-time income or an unlimited, full-time business income. You can stay local, or you can go international. That's all up to you. Your income can be generated in several ways.

Personal Retailing

If you want to focus on just selling products locally, you can get a 43% profit, plus a retail bonus of 5-18%. Should you choose to work at this with some concentration, you earn around $400-600 per month with an investment of 2 to 4 hours a week.

Team Building Bonus

Things pick up dramatically if you choose to build a team of distributors under you. Not only do you get your profits from your personal sales, but you will receive anywhere from 3 to 13% of your distributors' retail sales. There is a lot more detail in the literature you can get about this plan. I'm keeping things simple here your quick overview.

Leadership Bonus

Now if you should mentor and develop Leaders from your Team that rise up to build up Teams of their own, you will be handsomely rewarded! This can generate another $300 to $900 and more per month, for each leader that you train to up a new team of their. A lot will depend on their volume of sales and their position under you. And guess what! There is no limit to the number of Leaders you can mentor and get started!

Gem Bonus

Just make a note of this! Once you have 9 first-generation leaders going - you get a Gem bonus. (both money and a pin with gemstones in it!) This automatically increases your income up to 3% of the volume generated by those leaders. As you can see, it pays to be diligent and to help others get established.

This video explains how this is the most generous part of the whole marketing plan!

Sharing the Company's Profits!

This is where the loud shouting is triggered at the Annual Rally. IF you qualify you will get an all expense paid trip to the Big Annual Gathering of the Forever Family, at some exciting place in the world, and there, those that meet the qualifications, will share in the Company's profits. Each year hundreds of large profit-sharing checks are presented. It is quite something to see and overwhelming to be one of those recipients of the BONUS.

Do You Know What You Want?

Is it just a little more cash flow? Then the part-time personal retailing would be for you.

Do you need a certain sum for a car you have your eye on? Or do you know how much to save for your children's education?

Then, you could start part-time, but if you are not too limited time-wise, you might want to go for the building of a team, and the long-term profits. - Because you know more goals will arise when you've met the first ones!

It might also be, that at your current stage of life, you simply could not give full-time to a Forever Business. Part-time would have to do. But once your children are more grown, or some big commitments are completed. Then you would be free to switch to working at it full-time, with the mentoring work that is entailed when you build up Teams.

Maybe you just love the wonderfully health-giving products, and you see people all around you who NEED these products so that their health will improve! Go for it! That's a great motive too!

Evaluation Time

Do you now have answers to three crucial questions that will help you to decide?

1. Are you satisfied with the integrity and stability of the company?

2. Would you - and others you know, be willing to use these products?

3. Are you willing and able to put in sufficient effort?

If Your Answers are Three YESES - Here is How to Start Right Now

First, register as a Distributor - hopefully under my leadership. Make sure you see my name and my ID # on the sign up page:

Order one of the Business Paks. That will give you a good sampling of the products and some literature you need to start taking orders from others. It might be important to note, that you don't have to do all the sales in person, face to face. It is also possible to do your marketing online, and to send your potential customers to the Forever Living Store site, with your coded link, so they can purchase directly and you will still earn your commissions. This is the method I like best, and will be teaching you when you become part of my TEAM.

Third, you and I need to get together for about an hour to work on your Forever Business Planner. We can do this in person, or online, in various ways. It helps me to see what your plans are, and I can make additional suggestions accordingly. I can also answer any questions you might still have. We can also keep in touch so that as you have new questions arise, I can help you find the solutions.

Meantime, as soon as your Combo Pak arrives you want to start using the products so you can tell people from your own experience why you love them so much!

Ready to get Registered?

Can we get you registered?

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