Side Effects - if Any
of Taking Aloe Vera

Some people are allergic to aloe vera - though that's hard to understand - when it is so good for us. I suspect such people are so full of toxins that when aloe vera starts to deal with them, the stirring up of the toxins in preparation to dispel them, makes these people feel worse at first. I would think they should persist for a while, and once the toxins are all out of their body they can revel in excellent health.

Almost every source points out that side effects from using aloe vera for therapeutic purposes are very rare. As stated above, I would suggest trying a while longer, but if you cannot handle whatever your side effect might be, just stop using it. Simple as that. The side effects will stop.

aloe vera plants have few side effects  - if any

What kind of side effects have been reported?

Some report that taking aloe vera for a long term will cause a loss of albuminuria, potassium, fluid imbalance and hematuria. As I said at the top of the Benefits of aloe vera page, this seems odd when others report that aloe vera restores such losses.

However, IF you experience such a side effect, it should also inhibit your intestinal motility, create hyperaldosteronism and the enhancement of cardioactive steroid. If your body is short on potassium, you will know it by muscular weakness, and in extreme cases you could get an irregular heartbeat due to drastic reduction of potassium.

If you should take too much aloe vera, or if it really is wrong for you, you might notice your urine turns pink or red. You could have stomach cramps or spasms in your intestines. Remember to use common sense, and not to over do things right away. If really serious, you might have severe diarrhea, or even kidney problems.

If your skin is allergic to aloe vera, you might have a stinging, burning sensation on your skin, a dermatitis.

Apparently there is a connection between those with a sensitivity to garlic or onion (Go figure!) - and those reacting to aloe vera. Researchers advise that the pregnant or breast feeding, or if you already have kidney and heart problems you should not use aloe vera.

The best coping method, is to try it in very small amounts at first. Don't drink or eat your aloe vera as if it were apple juice. Stick to tablespoons and small medicine cups for your doses. Remember, it is not a magic potion or a cure-all. Keep your mind clear, think. Just pay attention to your body's responses and decide accordingly.

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