Aloe Vera vs Aloe Ferox

Differences Between Aloe Vera vs Aloe Ferox?

A visitor asked about aloe vera vs aloe ferox; "I have Aloe Ferox (Cape Aloe) plant in my garden. Aloe Ferox is 22 times powerful than Aloe Vera in nutritional content. Can I intake raw gel directly from the leaf? If so in what doses should I take? What are the advantages I have in taking the gel?"

My Answer

My initial reaction was: Wow, it sounds like I have something to learn from you! I am not familiar with this Ferox type of aloe. Can you send me any pictures?

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But now I've done some research reading and made some interesting discoveries. Let's see if I can summarize aloe vera vs. aloe ferox for you here.

From earlier research I knew that there are many sub-categories in the aloes species, and that many of these grow in abundance in African countries, and in parts of Asia too. This Aloe Ferox is one of those types of aloe that grows mostly in South Africa and the surrounding areas.

Now for the differences between aloe vera vs. aloe ferox.

I notice from the pictures, that I've had yellow blossoms on my aloe vera vs aloe ferox's red blossoms. Also, as the lower leaves are harvested from an aloe ferox plant the lower section turns into a dried looking stem. As the plant grows it stands higher off the ground. It's leaves are more like a dusty pink.

What is the potency of aloe vera vs aloe ferox? Well, some sites quoted numbers like twice as powerful, three times as powerful, and various other numbers. I didn't find any quote for the 22 times, but now I'm more inclined to just say that it probably is more powerful than aloe vera, but the number of times is depends on who is talking.

You could check other sources to confirm it's okay to use, but I would be willing to try it if an opportunity came.

From all that I have learned so far, it seems God has provided these plants for our health, and so aside from exercising some common sense, we should be able to take the gel directly. I think the worst that could happen if you take too much is that you would find yourself with a case of diahrea as your body tries to get rid of the excess.

When we try something new, it is wise to start with small doses and watch to see how our body responds. I would suggest, without prescribing, just a tablespoon full or two at first would be fine, and then increase as you find benefits coming to you. But I'm guessing that you've discovered this already, right?

To recap, are there major differences between aloe vera vs aloe ferox? Probably some, but no more than the difference between red potatoes and purple ones. My Dad was always proud of his big purple potatoes which were really white inside, and good keepers through the winter in our basement. Others are partial to the red potatoes. The main traits between the aloe plants will be very similar, but they may have some different characteristics.

I have a long list on my website of the benefits of taking or using aloe vera You may want to review it from time to time. (Remember, it is not complete).

Here are some more resources I can recommend for information about aloes in general, and for proven, tested products that are safe to take;
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