Importance of Bile

Do you know the importance of bile? You just can't get along without it! Your bile is terribly important for so many factors in your health. Bile is that alkaline fluid produced by the liver and stored in our gallbladder, from where it goes via our "common duct" into the small intestine as needed to deal with the food we eat. When it encounters toxins, it acts as our 'bouncers' and escorts them out of our body. Like "Get out'a here - NOW!"

When our bile is healthy and flowing normally, we have better food absorption, better elimination, better internal cleansing, better blood circulation, and an excellent immune system. Good, hard-working bile means we will look, feel, think and do everything with more energy and cheer. We want good bile, obviously!

If we don't have good bile forming in our liver and flowing out of the gallbladder we will know it by problems like constipation, diarrhea, candida, and parasites. You may not know what is going on until you have a painful gallstone attack. Yuck! You don't want those! Gallstones are coagulated clumps of stagnant bile sludge. Caused by poor bile flow. They do crazy things like block our "common duct" and multiply in our gallbladder and even get backed up into our liver. See the importance of bile?

I know, because my mother had gallstones removed more than once. Once the doctor picked a handful of gallstones out of her liver, and gave them to her as a keepsake. I saw them. They looked like hard, dark green shriveled up peas. Mom also had her common duct replaced by a plastic tube. She tried to sew at the sewing machine once after that, and this duct folded over. The bile backed up and she became green and very VERY sick! She had to learn not to lean forward to a degree which would fold that duct, or her normally poor health would get drastically worse. I was too young to fully understand the importance of bile at that stage, but I knew it was serious stuff.

Even if you have not got to the gallstone attack stage, you can do a lot to improve your health by taking steps to coddle and care for your precious bile. Keep it flowing freely. That is not all that hard if you know what to do.

Importance of Bile

Think again, what is bile's important work? It helps neutralize our food in the digestion process. This is especially hard work if we eat too many fatty acid foods. Simply cutting back on our super acid foods (think: gooey, sugary donuts) removes a huge overload problem off our bile. it can focus on digesting and balancing the stomach acids which have been breaking down the food. It can handle the toxins and hurry them out of our body. Our bile can destroy parasites and candida as a matter of course.

Oh yes, the bile also stimulates the peristalsis of the bowels. That is, it gets that bowel movement on its way out of you. If your important bile can't do that job all this waste matter starts to back up and make caves to hide in off the walls of your colon. That triggers constipation, and if those hidden knots hole up long enough, and are filled with toxins, they can start breeding cancer cells, and/or put pressure on nerves to other organs in your body to give you trouble there. Maybe sinus pressure, backaches, headaches, and bad moods that almost drive you to go eat worms from your garden dirt!

The stomach has a strong protective lining known as gastric mucosa, which keeps the stomach acids (hydrochloric acid, known as HCI) from eating away at the stomach itself. But the small intestines, and colon, don't have that protection. So if a hefty bunch of semi-digested food comes into the small intestine that is still super acid, the bile has more work than it can handle. What is more, that acidic mix can start to eat holes in the walls of the small intestines. Which can lead to ulcers and leaky gut problems, and so forth.

Meantime, you are in pain so you take those coating medicines, that are suppose to cover up that acidic stuff - and they trigger more problems. Or pain killers, which often halt bile production and other healthy processes.

Oh com'on, let's talk about the good news now! The good news is that we can recognize the importance of bile, and help it out with some simple steps.

Be Bile's Best Friend

We agree on the importance of our bile. So how can we be our bile's best friend or booster?

1. Stop eating sweet and fatty (deep-fried) junk food.

2. Drink herbal teas which will flush out a lot of those toxins, lighten the load for the bile, and clear the way for the bile to do it's good work for you.

3. Specific vegetables that help our bile are: radishes (which take oil and fats out), asparagus, celery and leeks (clean the intestines), and carrots build up your blood and bile secretion.

4, Aim to get your body's ph state to neutral, or a bit over to the akaline side, with healthy probotics growing in your digestive tract.

One last thing to scare you into doing what is right. If you let the acid foods dominate, your bile will slow down, unable to flow, and will give you gallstones and start to grow yeast and fungus, which can give you that bulging, over-hanging belly. You know what you think of THAT!

Are you catching on to the importance of bile to your best, healthy state? Coddle it - cooperate with your liver and gallbladder.


Obviously, seek out fresh, raw vegetables in the supermarket - or your garden - asparagus, carrots, celery, leeks and radishes. (ACCLR)

Sherry Brescia, at Holistic Blends, has some excellent Probotics and helpful books and products.

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