Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin too?

Generally, I've thought my itches here and there, especially under elastics in my clothing, was only because I'm so unique. I had a long chat on the phone with cousin Karin the other Saturday and discovered that I'm fairly ordinary! Others deal with various symptoms of delicate, sensitive skin too. Karin is a little older and wiser than me, and loves to give me truckloads of advice. But I know how to do some research online, so I have checked out some of ideas and am trying to sort out which apply to me, and just how I will make practical changes for the sake of my skin.

You may not need all these ideas, but if I spread them out for you, perhaps you'll find something that will work for your skin care treatments.

Exactly what are we talking about?

Simple things like skin irritation when you use certain soaps, detergents, or products with various chemicals in them. Except, if that turns into excema like my Gr'ma had. My Mom had to go over every day for several weeks, to cut off the peeling-back skin with a scissor for Gr'ma!

Besides the uncomfortable irritations like stinging, itching, and burning skin, there are visible changes like redness, dryness, scaling, peeling bumps, and hives. We are also talking about frequent to chronic conditions like a skin boil, scalp psoriasis, skin rashes, and sunburn. Ouch! Not deathbed stuff, but it is a misery to experience these problems.

How many sensitive skin care treatments have you tried and given up on? Are there certain categories of skin care products that you totally avoid? Others might find that very useful, so I invite you to share. I want to write helpful web pages once I've sorted out what is worthwhile and what is not.

I have an itchy scalp some days; usually when I've taken a painkiller or two, which makes me wonder if there is a cause and effect there. Normally, I get away with just a good scratching all over my scalp with my fingernails. I get the impression that my little nerve hairs under my scalp like the work out. If my scalp still feels itchy and oily the next morning, I dribble some peanut oil into my bath. It means that I'll still have more oily hair until my next bath, but that is quite soothing to my scalp. All over, in fact.

Most of my skin irritation comes from elastics in my clothing and with more layers in winter, that means I may have as many as two or three elastics, one on top of the other, at my waist and around my ankles. So this winter I've taken up slathering on the gift lotions I've received and ignored for the most part the last few years. That helps some, but I've noticed that the one from Dollarama with the oatmeal in it has the most delicious and satisfying effect. I keep my aloe vera gel handy too. It is rather sticky though, and needs to be kept uncovered for a while. Walmart has a bottle of aloe vera gel, which must have some thinners in it, as it glides on easily and does not sting, or get sticky.

Therefore, I save the sticky aloe vera gel, which is a little more expensive, for things like open sores, like burns, skinned knees after a fall, and so on.

Another thing that seems to help is to drink more aloe vera juice. My most favourite is the Bits n' Pieces (pieces of peaches in it) aloe vera juice from Forever Living.

Caring for Chapped, Reddish Skin

For today, I'd like to give you this list of tips for reducing chapping, redness, itching, etc., and keeping your skin comfortable;
* First, Wash the area with lukewarm Water.
* Second, stroke some clear aloe vera gel over those rough spots, from plants as a first preference, then with Forever Living products.
* Third, protect your hands with gloves, and your arms and legs with sleeves and pants when you work in the hot sun or wind.
* Fourth, nurse yourself from the inside, by drinking lots of water, avoiding coffee and sodas whenever possible
* Fifth, look into exfoliating your skin and applying overnight moisturizers at bedtime.

What about Coconut Oil for Sensitive Skin?

Yes, coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. It is an excellent moisturizer too, even to pentetrating and healing damaged hair. These days it is an ingredient in many natural beauty products. (I've found it almost clears up a cold sore inside the lip over night).

Which Herbs to Use for Sensitive Skin?

There are many that have properties that make them good solutions. I've been remembering my discoveries with plantain, calendula, malva, and comfrey, to name a few. Besides aloe vera - ever my first choice! It also occurs to me that it is high time I make myself another batch of herbal ointment with these herbs. At least I know I have some bottles and jars of these herbs in their dried state. I will read up on them again and concoct myself a super ointment recipe! (I'll put up another page when I can report my, hopefully, very positive results!)

You can help me write up a good series of articles on skin care by sending in your stories and the remedies that work for your sensitive skin. ;)

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