Holistic Therapies for Animals

A guest article written by Dena Schwartz, of AnimalAromaTherapy.co.uk, who uses holistic therapies for animals in her Practice.
a dog choosing the right herbal aroma therapy

There is no placebo effect when you work with animals, they genuinely respond to the healing benefits of natural therapies, they like the gentleness; the holistic nature. They can intuitively recognise and self-select from nature's pharmacy and they relax and absorb without question or analysis the subtle healing therapies. You have probably seen your animals indulging in natural therapies. Your cat rolling around euphoric in catnip herb or other plants from your garden, maybe your dog grazes on a particular patch of grass or licks the soil in a certain spot. Maybe your animals enjoy a massage asking for your hands to be placed on specific parts of their body. Our animals are great communicators and wonderful teachers, we can learn so much from them.

Aromatherapy is just one of the natural therapies I use in my clinic everyday to treat both people and animals, helping the body to restore optimum function and vitality, enhancing health and wellness in the most holistic way.

I work alongside the veterinary and medical profession; there are times where we need help from both the traditional and allopathic approach. We must all work together, pooling our knowledge and skills to achieve the best possible results.

Animal Aromatherapy is the term used to describe the use of plant medicine to support the health and well-being of animals.

Aromatherapy works well alongside veterinary care. Many medicinal plants offer powerful support for the immune system, they can protect the stomach, liver, kidneys and other internal organs from some of the negative side effects associated with the use of pharmaceuticals. Plant remedies provide emotional support, helping to relieve stress and anxiety. They are used extensively and effectively to manage chronic conditions, to act preventatively and to enhance and maintain optimum health.

Animals respond well to nature’s pharmacy, they intuitively recognise the plant or combination of plants that are beneficial to them. Animals in the wild have been effectively managing their health in this way since the beginning of time. Our domesticated friends are just as capable of choosing their own medicine. Using their acute sense of smell they can self-select the correct plant, even the most medicinal part of the plant, be it the seed, roots, bark, leaf or flower!

Working with nature in this way has many benefits; chemically the plant remedies we use are complete medicines. This means they work harmoniously within the body WITHOUT causing harmful side effects. They are absorbed quickly and utilized effectively within the body, their action is powerful yet gentle.

Chino is selecting the right remedy

The process of offering plant remedies in the form of essential oils, extracts or herbs is a process enjoyed by animals and owners alike! You will be amazed at how your animal will choose to take a remedy orally, or to inhale an aroma or even to apply a remedy onto a painful joint. Animals guide their treatment sessions, demonstrating their preferences clearly through body language. Their choices change on a daily basis as their condition improves, favourites will emerge and other remedies will no longer be needed. The whole process is both fascinating and humbling.

It is vital to find the most suitable remedies for your animal's individual needs and to understand the chemistry of essential oils and safe application. Please ensure you consult with a qualified practitioner to get the most out of nature's abundant pharmacy.

Thank you, Dena, for sharing your knowledge of holistic therapies for animals, gained from experience.

You may direct questions to her at her website; AnimalAromaTherapy.co.uk

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