Aloe Vera Capsules - Canadian

I received five envelopes of aloes seeds from and started a new experiment - growing aloes from seeds.

In case I mafe mistakes and have to start over, I sowed just a few seeds of each in five small clay pots. I watering gently (nearly) every day for three weeks. I saw four little shoots! But then they died. I tried over again. Same thing hapened.

These varieties of aloes are all exotic for me, as I've never seen such plants before. I researched them online a bit to get an idea of what to anticipate. The Horizon Herbs catalogue has very helpful descriptions too. It can take around three weeks to germinate these seeds, and about three years to come to a good seedling stage, when you can separate each plant into it's own container. Obviously, this is a long-range project.

So - even if you and I run such experiments and grow aloe plants from seeds or pups we will be often and long without raw aloe gel to use for our health. However, there is a solution.

You can purchase aloe vera in capsules in various strengths. My favourite place so far has been Puritan's Pride. It is in the USA, and that's been fine but lately our Canadian government has put limits on what supplements and prescriptions Canadians can order from over the border. (Harumph!?)

[Unfortunately, I don't have a new link for Puritan's Pride; there has been a change there].

For Canadians I suggest you look over the choices below. I wish you success!

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