Optimize Your Immune System

To optimize your immune system your neural reflexes and immune responses must be working together, to bring your body back to homeostasis. How can you help that to happen more consistently?

The VoxxLife NeuroVax patch is a ground-breaking.These patches can be worn for forty-eight hours each, and work hard to optimize your immune system and improve physiological homeostasis. Dr. Mark DeBrincat explains exactly how this phenomenon works, and how the NeuroVax patch can improve your body’s neurology and physiology.

Brain scans and dark-field imagery show that wearers achieve a more robust immune system soon after sticking their NeuroVax patch on their upper arm. According to Dr. DeBrincat, “within one hour of putting the NeuroVax patch on, the [wearer’s] blood has already started to show profound changes.” Check out the video to see for yourself!

“Simply put, wearing the NeuroVax will help connect your central nervous system to your immune system, bringing your body back to homeostasis, creating better chemistry and better biology. This is going to allow you and your loved ones to experience a more robust immunity.”

Ready to see these patches for yourself? Optimize Your Immune System!

My Experiences with the NeuroVax Patches

These patches are a little expensive for my budget, however, I really wanted to try them, and I'm glad I have. My method was to stick one of these pink patches on my upper arm area after having a bath and drying myself. Then I left it on for two days.

I had no unsual sense or effects that I could tell during the wearing of the patches. But I have had good health all the weeks I wore those patches. No colds, flu or fevers, and no COVID symptoms. Mind you, I live alone and was working at my online business, and also did my own cooking and housework, and went to church on Sunday mornings, and out for groceries sometimes once a week, and sometimes just every other week. I have had some colds other winters, but none last winter or this one so far. So I feel confident that these patches do add immunity for me.

Presently I'm trying out a package of the Meta Patches, which are said to increase energy. I believe they are doing that too, as normally I would get somewhat sleepy in the afternoons and persuaded myself that I was allowed a little nap in my recliner However, while wearing the patches I feel no need of a nap and so can get more done with my mind as clear and nimble as it usually is when I'm alert and at my best.

My opinion is that these patches are a very safe and in a non-drug way protect our health and keep us in good shape. I shall continue to order and use them as I can afford them.

NOTE: VoxxLife has added several new patches to their line-up. They have found that patches with a specific design embedded in the plastic can also affect our nervous system, much the way the socks do with the special weaving in the soles. So now they have patches that can be stuck for up to 48 hours on our arm. There are now several with very specific functions.

The Harmony HPT patches do much the same work as the socks in providing stability when standing on your feet, or settling your tremors if you have Parkinsons, or such conditions. People with MS say they do wonders for their standing and walking balance!

The REM Sleep Optimization patches are a great blessing to those who have trouble sleeping. I don't have that problem at all, but I did order a 30-day package for my youngest sister who has sleep issues.

The Neurovax Plastic Immune Optimization patch is especially for those who feel they may be immune compromised. (Especially during this COVID pandemic!) It sends messages up the nerves in the arm to the head and works up some special protection in the brain. This is the one I've described on this page.

The Meta Neurohaptic Advanced Metabolism Patch is the latest addition; the one I'm trying out at present. It is able to keep one's energy and mental alertness up. This helps us concentrate on our work and to have the strength to go through our full day with extra vitality.

Still puzzled, and asking What is Voxx HPT? (Click on that link to go to another page where I explain it further.)

Sample Meta patches for advanced metabolism I have a few Meta patches by Voxxlife; I'll give you one as a FREE sample, if you would like to try it out. Just get in touch with me personally. IF you know you want to buy a package of them go to: VoxxLife.com/shop/ and check out lots of Wearable Tech! (The Meta patches help with your Advanced Metabolism).