Back to Eden and Herbal Books

Looking for the way back to Eden, and herbal books to educate yourself about healthier alternatives?

You can get this book and the Back to Eden Cookbook by Jethro Kloss through Amazon, which makes it possible to get second-hand copies when the books go out of print. What is more, you will find other herbal books available as well. Building your own reference library of herbal books is a great way to add to your knowledge of herbs, and it means the information is at your fingertips at home.

Of course, if you learn to do good in-depth searches on the internet you can find quite a bit of information too.

Not all herbal books are of equal value. You need to read with discernment and compare to what others say, or what you have discovered on your own. But if you are starting out in collecting your herbal books, you may want to watch for those that have been around a long time. Some herbal books become classics for a good reason. They have stood the test of time. Herbalists have found them reliable and useful.

Jethro Kloss was a man in the 1800s, who put a lot of his knowledge about plants and natural remedies into some herbal books. Several of them have Back to Eden in the title. The information in those books is still quite sound, and there is a movement to re-publish these fine reference books. An older woman showed me her copy and told me about Back to Eden and so I went to buy my own copy, and I have really used it a lot. The pages are falling apart! It truly has been the foundation of my basic education in all things herbal. I've bought a few other books since then, but I still prize my old battered copy of Back to Eden above all the other herbal books.

Have you seen my more detailed review of Back to Eden and the author, Jethro Kloss? They may help you to appreciate these books more.




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Have you ever heard of Paul Bragg and his daughter Patricia?

For many decades they travelled about, speaking and counselling people to eat healthy foods, and use them instead of medicine. I only discovered them quite recently.

Paul Bragg has passed on, but Patricia is still an enthusiastic ambassador and crusader for apple cider vinegar and healthy foods and lifestyle.

Their website is: where they have a number of books that they have written for sale. Either in paperback, or as digital downloads. (You can download quite a big batch for $10!) Their writing style is quite original, but I consider them quite a "find." So I suggest you have a look and see what you think.

By the way, if you love flowers - you have to take the tour of Patricia's gardens!