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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions - Heart Trouble,
March 02, 2015

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 4 #39 March 2, 2015

Taking Care of Ourselves - Aloe Vera Gel vs. Aloe Vera Products
A Practical Tip/Solution - Multiply Aloe Vera
I Recommend - High Quality Aloe Vera Products
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Aloe Vera Gel vs. Aloe Vera Products

Lately, I have got to thinking about the benefits of raw aloe vera gel vs. aloe vera products as a healing remedy. Is the pure aloe vera gel from the plant more potent, as opposed to the more convenient, ready to buy aloe vera products. I am weighing the pros and cons.

Have you come to a conclusion already? Is it based on good reasoning, or on personal conviction?

For more than ten to 15 years, while caring for my aged parents, I made use of their sunroom to grow aloe vera plants, and they seemed to thrive there. I often ignored them until Saturday. When I started my weekly housecleaning agenda, I'd go into the sunroom, watering and checking the plants. When I found a pot filling up with babies, or offsets, I'd look for more containers and transplant the offsets. I reached the point where I had 75 pots and pails full of aloe vera plants. One pail had 26 aloe vera plants in it!

Now, living on my own again, my wee little house doesn't have the room to grow that many, and the ones I have don't thrive so well. The time has also come that I can afford to buy some aloe vera capsules, lotions and juices. I see value there too.

I'm not ready to renounce or give up on aloe vera plants altogether. I still believe in them strongly. Just recently when I accidentally sliced into my second finger and nail with a kraft knife, I washed it under running water, and then sought a pinched off piece of aloe vera from a plant to spread over the cut and wrapped it all with bandages. Why didn't I reach for my tube of aloe vera gel?

Instinctively, I recalled past experiences, and knew I wanted pure, whole, healing aloe vera gel to get into that wound right away. My sub-conscience seemed to be thinking, the gel could work too, but it probably has preservatives in it, and .... well, costs money.

When I want to speed up internal healing in my bowels, I increase my daily number of aloe vera capsules. I certainly tripled and increased them still more when I had the flu and a hacking cough. (Besides the various teas I made for myself).

I cannot come down hard on just one choice or the other. I believe there is value in both raw aloe vera and good aloe vera products. So I continue to grow aloe vera plants, and at the same time, keep alert for the best aloe vera products to try.

A Practical Tip/Solution - Multiply Aloe Vera

You will need to know how to multiply aloe vera plants - even if you have only one aloe vera plant to start with. In time you will have many aloe vera offsets, or babies, as I call them. These just spring up in the same pot as your original plant. That is the time to spend an hour or two moving them into new individual pots. The more room you give them the larger your plants will grow.

I'm afraid I forgot to take photos of the very full and crowded little pots that I transplanted one Saturday, but perhaps you can use your imagination as you see my new pots full in the photos on this page; How to multiply aloe vera. There are more detailed instructions for propagating aloe vera into more plants on this page; propagation.

I Recommend - High Quality Aloe Vera Products

If you are wondering where to find high quality aloe vera products try this little test. Go to google search online (there's probably a search bar in your browser right now), and type in "aloe vera products" (the quotes are not necessary). You will soon see one company name filling the upper part of the results page. There will be a few others like, Lily of the Desert, Organika, and The Body Shop, but most of the results will be for Forever Living.

The health food stores, and even drugstores carry products with aloe vera in them. Just in the last 8 years, since I started my website, I have seen a tremendous surge in interest in aloe vera and many companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

It would be too expensive for me to buy from all of them and do systematic lab-like comparison tests. But I have tried a few, and I really like the aloe vera capsules from Puritans Pride, but can also rave about the excellence of the products by Forever Living.

Forever Living has been at this now since 1978. It is the biggest aloe vera products company, with the highest standards, and they have the most distributors world-wide selling the wellness and beauty products, and making multi-billions which are shared fairly generously with those distributors.

I discovered that by becoming a distributor I could order Forever Living products for myself, and for sale to friends at a really nice discount. I'm not a great sales woman, but it is encouraging when a friend decides to reorder because she liked her first jug of juice.

Wouldn't you like to do the same? Here's where you sign up: Forever Living (USA), and Forever LIving (Canada). (I can provide links for other countries too; just ask me).

One caution though. When it asks for your sponsor number please put in my number: 200002418219. If that doesn't seem to work for you, email me first, so I can help you enrol. When I was signing up, my sponsor's number was not accepted so I decided to choose the option that says "I don't have a Sponsor" so one was assigned me at random and I have NOT found that party helpful at all. I've had to dig for information and learn how it all works on my own. I would do my best to be a much better sponsor for YOU!

P.S. Last month I offered a link to describe the 4 ingredients in My Miracle Tea, but I have discovered, when a reader inquired why she couldn't reach that page, that I forgot to upload it. Oweh! Woe is me! I'm sorry. It IS uploaded now, if you would still like to read it. My Miracle Tea Ingredients.

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