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Can you trust me? & How to ask your Aloe Vera Questions effectively
February 05, 2018

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 7 #75 February 5, 2018

Taking Care of Ourselves - A Reliable Source of Information
How to Ask Your Aloe Vera Questions
I Recommend - For Poor Circulation in Lower Legs and Feet
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Taking Care of Ourselves - A Reliable Source of Information

We all want a reliable source of information, when it comes to health issues and remedies. Do you like to check out people who give such advice? I do. So I suppose you may be wondering about my background, and if I am truly a reliable source of information too. If you have been a long-time subscriber, you may feel you know me. If you have explored all over my site, you may have read my "About Me" page.

But I'm on a campaign this year to ramp up my work on my websites, and to become a more profitable business woman. I'm told that then I must BRAND myself, and let people know who I am, what's important to me, and why they should like and trust me - when I give advice or recommendations. Therefore, I have updated my "About Me" page and will give you a few paragraphs. If you wish to see more, you can find the full page on the site.

I'd like to focus here on a side about me that my other "About Me" pages on my other sites do not cover; my interest in alternative health through the natural remedies that God has provided all around us. Partly I was drawn in to this by about 12 years with allergies, and partly because of poverty. I simply couldn't afford to buy commercial or prescription remedies. I had to be resourceful. My more recent history plays into this too.

Resourcefulness is something about me I've inherited from Dad. After I had moved back home to look after my parents in Hague, Saskatchewan, I learned a lot about my parents and ancestry, and the characteristics that I inherit from them. A fascinating topic.

Basics About Me

I'm the oldest of five siblings, and because my mother was sickly most of her life after she was gored by a cow, I had to learn responsibility early. I missed out on some social life. Instead, I lived in a world of books and imagination. Early on I started a novel, and then for fear others would laugh at me, I kept working at it in secret and polishing it for a couple of decades.

While living in London, Ontario for 12 years, I had a lot of trouble with hay fever and other allergies. My landlady, Mama Mac, introduced me to vitamins and supplements to keep that under control. When I saw results I began to study and read everything I could get my hands on about alternative health measures, and I tried out whatever I could afford.

I returned to Hague in September 1983, and settled in to bless and take care of my parents as long as they needed me. It was a faith walk, with many unexpected twists and turns, I had not anticipated, such as nursing my Gr'ma Kroeker as well around the clock for nine months until there was an opening at the Rosthern Nursing home.

When dealing with seniors you end up spending a lot of time talking about relationships and ancestry - and - if you are fortunate, you discover a lot of old information about foods and plants and remedies. I scored well on both points and gained new skills and areas of knowledge - which helped me understand all about me, first of all.

Bringing Gr'ma's large old aloe vera plant into our home had me discovering how many other uses it had besides soothing skin burns led to my propagation and filling of the sunroom with 60 to 75 pots full of countless aloe vera plants. Later, visiting her in the nursing home and chatting with other older women led to a discovery of the very therapeutic herbs, (mostly known as weeds), growing under my feet beside the sidewalk!

After Mom died in November 1997, I saved up for a computer and went online, resolved to become a business woman and to learn how to self-publish my novel. I soon discovered that to market anything online you need a web site. So I tried out things on some free hosting sites. Then I became convinced that a registered domain name was better. There was still a steep learning curve, but things improved and I began to be more professional about my sites.

To see the rest of this page, go to:

How to Ask Your Aloe Vera Questions

I'm going to explain how to ask your aloe vera questions on my website.

You may not have noticed unless you really go reading all over my website, but I have five pages where you can ask specific questions and under certain conditions. I'll answer them there, and others may come to add their comments too. The page becomes something a like a discussion, depending on how well people participate.

There are some other details you need to pickup on. The point of this kind of page is to provide information to others on the internet. That takes some words - more than one or two lines, and there should be enough detail in your question, so that Google and other visitors can tell what in the world you are asking about. When you do that, plenty of people will come to see what your question was, and what kind of answers are coming in. If you upload a photo or two, so much the better! If you have trouble describing your sick aloe plant, or you want help to determine just which aloe type of plant is, then a photo will be like adding another 100 or 1000 words!

Sometimes I get such short questions, that I feel I need to ask the inquirer some questions to deterimine what exactly they want to know. But if they don't even give me their email and first name, I have NO means of reaching that person privately. (You do NOT have to worry that your email will be shown to the public; I just need it so I can reach you to clear something up before I post your question on my website).

My instructions from SBI! (my website host) is to delete any question that is not complete enough, and they don't exactly recommend that I contact people privately, because that just makes extra work for me, but I have done that because I do want to be helpful. So sometimes, I'm afraid I've been frustrated by poorly submitted questions, and lack of contact info.

So now you know. If you have submitted a question and got no reply, and never saw it show up on the website, it is proably because I had to give up and delete it. I could not reach you.

You might refrain from asking your question because you think, "There's no way Ruth will know the answer this problem!" True enough. I may not know, but if I post your question on a new webpage on my site, and if it has enough keywords showing so that Google can bring in visitors who are also interested in that question, the visitors will show up, and someone else in another part of the world, may provide you with the very answer you need and want!

Incidentally, if you provide an email address, the SBI! system will send you an automated notice when I post it, so you can come take a look, and it will send you an automated notice when anyone else makes a comment below your question.

Here are the five topics with Content 2.0 forms, and the page on which the form appears;

Aloe Vera FAQ - here you can ask - general questions about aloe vera. (Check the comments section at the bottom, many questions and comments are already there).

Aloe Vera, the Burn Plant - tell your story of - using aloe vera in a crisis!

How Aloe Vera Healed - Share your story of - how aloe vera healed you or a loved one

Identify Aloe type plants - need help to - identify an aloe type of plant?

Photos of Aloe Plants and Trees - upload photos to get help identifying your aloe plants - identifying your aloe plants.

Product Questions - here you are invited to ask your questions - questions about Forever Living Products. (Lots of people put in their email here; but forget to ask their question. Should I delete them?)

How to ask good questions that get used on my site. Here's an example of a poorly worded question, and no email to reply to;
"Hi I am a first time user and is it OK to use the brown stuff on your face"

Huh? Which brown stuff? (I'm not a mind-reader, allthough sometimes I work my imagination hard to figure out the person might mean to ask).

A far better question might be; "Hi Ruth. I'm just discovering some of the benefits of aloe vera. I've been cutting open some aloe vera leaves, and notice there is a bit of brown stuff in the gel near the green skin part. Is that part poisonous, or is it safe to put on my acne on my face? Thanks, Sylvan."

Ah-ha! Now I know what you want to know! I can give you a decent answer.

"Hi Sylvan. Glad to see that you are discovering aloe vera. There are lots of wonderful uses for the gel from the leaves of this healing plant.

That brown strand in the edge of the gel, near the green outer skin of the leaves, is called Ambertose. It is the part of the gel that is the most powerful! It has the greatest healing properties. However, because it is so powerful some people hesitate, some are even afraid to use it. If you take it internally, you could be surprised to find you will suddenly have a strong bowel movement.

Now some folks NEED that property because their bowels are plugged up and need a good cleansing. What's more, if I had cancer or an open ulcer on my skin that didn't want to heal, I would be especially looking for that ambertose part of the gel - to get quicker healing!

I'm not a medical professional, but I would let that ambertose bleed out after cutting the leaf, if the person to get it was too weak to cope with a sudden strong bowel movement.

On the other hand, if a loved one was very sick, or had an open burn, and needed to recover quickly, I'd try to give them some of that ambertose specifically.

Thanks, Sylvan, for asking this question, as I think others would want to know this and I have not yet written about this on my website."

By the way, there is a lively conversation happening in the comments section of this question about aloe vera with purple inside; aloe-vera-purple-inside

I have yet to see purple oozing out of my aloe vera plants, but I know there are 100s of kinds. I wish someone would post a photo on that page so we can see what this purple really looks like. In fact, I've just done a Google search and found some photos - but then saw beside one this comment, "You know you can spray paint ur aloes." Ah, now I can see this was done on several of the most purple plants. By their shapes hardly one or two look like true aloe vera barbendsis (?) Most of them are of another aloes variety. So the mystery continues.

I Recommend - For Poor Circulation in Lower Legs and Feet

I have an unusual remedy for poor circulation in lower legs and feet. No, it is not a new medication. It is not any over-the-counter product at the drugstore. Nor is it aloe vera or an herbal tea concoction.

What I am recommending are knee-high sox that have a special weaving in the feet and also in the section above the ankle and up to just below the knee. That elastic weaving works to get your blood and the currents in your nerves going up and down your legs and getting that sluggish blood flowing in a brisk new way.

Regular subscribers to this list may recall that I've mentioned Voxx Life socks before. I had bought a number of different pairs of socks and put them into a special book bag to have ready to show folks when I had a chance, but the last 5-6 months I've been so busy with other things that I wasn't getting to showing the socks off. Then, Saturday, just over a week ago, I realized that I'd forgotten to wash the white Voxx socks I'd been wearing all week. What would I wear on Sunday morning then?

I decided to check my cache of socks and see if there was something I could claim as my own purchase for my use. Well, there were these knee-high socks. I recalled that they were suppose to be good for circulation, but I had not tried them yet. I put them on before going to bed - just to see.... They were rather tight and hard to pull up, but once I had them on, Whoa! I could feel the circulation going up and down that stretch of my lower legs from below the knee to my ankles. My lower legs felt like they were coming alive!

Of course, I claimed them. I took them off for the night and put them on Sunday morning after my bath. I wore them all day and felt great. When I took them off at night I noticed that the band at the top had dug into the flesh under my knee that felt rather tender, but I put on some lotion and decided to wait a day or two before I tried them again. I wore them again all day later in the week, washed them on Saturday (to loosen up that tightness at the top) and wore them again yesterday. I realize now that it may take a number of wearing days and washings before that tightness at the top will go away, but the life zipping up and down those lower legs feels so good that I'm willing to cope with this and work towards the goal of getting that upper band to ease up some.

Where can you find them to try out? My VoxxLife store: Click on Products in the top menu and then look for the Athletic socks, and in that category are the Knee-high socks I'm referring to. You have some colour and size choices.

Contact & Policies - Constant

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That is just the kind of security we enjoy at SBI)

POLICIES: I am definitely against S/p/a/m! I Will NOT share your
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