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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions - Heart Trouble,
February 02, 2015

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 4 #38 February 2, 2015

Taking Care of Ourselves - Heart Trouble
A Practical Tip/Solution - Heart Herbs Quiz
I Recommend - My Miracle Tea Ingredients
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Heart Trouble

Do you have heart trouble? Or someone who lives with you? So many people do now, that chances are high that you can answer "yes" to either one of those questions.

Since Valentine's Day is celebrated in February many organizations and publications have articles on heart health this month. (Just for fun, try to count how many you encounter until the 28th.) So I asked myself, if I'm to jump on this bandwagon, what can I say about the heart? Out of curiosity I decided to check Jethro Kloss's old "Back to Eden" book. That's my favourite reference book for anything to do with herbs or natural remedies.

Under the heading, "Heart Trouble" Kloss says bluntly, "There is a large list of heart troubles and various causes. The greatest cause of all heart trouble is wrong diet, which causes impure blood and weakens the heart." Then he goes on to tell of two women and one man who came to him with apparent heart trouble.

The first woman was elderly and had complained of heart palpitations for years. Kloss knew that heart palpitations are often due to gas and fermentation in the digestive system, so he advised her to take a sweat bath, a thorough salt glow, with vigorous rubbing of the body, also cold morning baths, and to correct her diet. Before a week had passed, that woman had forgotten all about her heart trouble. She never had a recurrence as far as Kloss ever knew.

Another woman came to Kloss after a dinner event, and was sure she had severe heart trouble. He advised her to go home and lie face down, then roll over to her left side, and then roll over to the right. Then she should drink a cup of hot water. She did, and her heart trouble was all gone.

Kloss believed there are real organic causes of heart trouble, but there are many of these other types that can be cured quickly. A middle-aged man, who loved his cakes and pies, refused to listen to Kloss's counsel about impure blood caused by wrong diet, lack of exercise and poor circulation. This man was reaching up to a high shelf for a glass, and fell dead. His physician held a post-mortem, which it appears Kloss got to see.

This middle-aged man's liver was very much enlarged and full of little hard tumors. His gall bladder and heart were also enlarged. The spleen and pancreas were large and flabby, as were the kidneys. When the heart was opened there were large clots of fat in the corners.

Kloss had warned this man a year earlier about his large eating habits and lack of activity, and that he would die if he kept it up. But the man was not ready to give up his eating habits.

The other articles you read this month may not mention this, but Kloss already believed in the early 1900s that heart troubles are caused by tea, coffee, tobacco and liquors, plus refined foods with white sugar and white flour in them. He testified that he himself had some heart trouble in his youth, but had a change of attitude, so that when he was more than 76 years old he could run 5 miles, take a deep breath and sing "Nearer My God to Thee" at full voice! All without a single flutter in his heart. Witnesses confirmed it!

In "Back to Eden" Kloss names the herbs that can help heart trouble, and describes a combination of herbs to make into a tea to drink, but I may have quoted too much already from the book, so I recommend you seek it out and order a copy for your own reference library.

In case you haven't seen them yet, I have two pages about this book on my website, with links to where you can buy it;
Back to Eden, and
Back to Eden and Herbal Books.

A Practical Tip/Solution - Heart Herbs Quiz

I'm going to try something new here, a Heart Herbs quiz. This is a special salute to my faithful subscribers who actually read and enjoy each issue. Thank you for your loyal following!

I've done some more research in Jethro Kloss' "Back to Eden" and find a host of herbs that can help our hearts. You may have heard about some of these, and some may be news to you. Let's do this as a table with two columns and if you print it out you can draw lines to match the herbs with the ways each may help our heart.

If that looks too hard, just find the ones you recognize and have access to, if you should want them.


blue cohosh









wood betony



holy thistle


golden seal/ scullcap/ cayenne.

for palpitations of the heart and high blood pressure

cleanses the blood

for fainting and heart flutters

better than quinine in small doses

strengthens the heart (trait of 5 herbs)

warming to the heart

better than quinine

purifies the blood

stimulant for quick action in heart failure

relieves palpitations of the heart

mildly stimulating to the heart

checks palpitations in short time

Look for this quiz, - and and answer page on my website next Monday.

Now you may read or hear of medical professionals (or friends) who insist that herbal remedies can be dangerous to your heart. For instance, I found an article online called, "Heart Trouble? 30 Herbal Remedies to Avoid" on, - Reading it carefully, I see their main argument is that the herbal remedies will interfere with prescribed drugs. Well, Duh!? Aren't we making a choice here? Why take both, the meds and herbal remedies?

So just in case that is not obvious to you, and you do try the herbs at the same time as your doctor's prescription, be warned that you might have some problems. The drugs might become more, or over-potent because of the herbal tea you drink. Or, they might become useless too. Before you try herbs for your serious heart condition, stop, think it through. Are you ready to take responsibility for your decisions?

(Confession: I would likely try the herbs first).

I Recommend - My Miracle Tea Ingredients

My Miracle Tea has four herbal ingredients. One of them is an herb in the quiz about herbs for the heart. I grow two of that list in my garden, and have four others in my house right now. So I can make myself a tea in short order that could help my heart, if I needed it. But I think one of the smartest things to do would be to order some My Miracle Tea (teabags or as capsules) and keep them on hand. I just take some occasionally, as I feel I have a need, so my order lasts quite a while. But many people take this tea on a daily basis.

Last night I read a report of someone dog being so sick it couldn't get up to walk. They put a few spoons of My Miracle Tea in the dog's water dish and in a couple of days the dog was up and walking around as it had never been ill!

Read up on My Miracle Tea Ingredients and if you are ready to try it, use the link at the bottom of the article to order some.

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