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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #017- Clean 9 - My Experience
May 06, 2013

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 2 #17 May 6, 2013

Taking Care of Ourselves - Clean 89
A Practical Tip/Solution - What Happens When You Eat Aloe Vera?
I Recommend - Aloe Berry Nectar
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Taking Care of Myself - Clean 9

Clean 9 is designed to use only natural means, (no drugs), to help people manage their weight, and at the same time cleanse their digestive system, and build up their health and strength - all at the same time. I'd like to tell you about my own experience with Clean 9.

I was impressed by the material I saw about this system, so decided to try it the week before Easter. The kit came with 3 jugs of aloe vera juice, a can of a shake mix (I choose chocolate over the vanilla), and a shaker to mix the drink in, a bottle of Garcinia Plus softgels, which is a natural appetite suppressant, a bottle of Gin Chia, which is a blend of two kinds of ginseng, with powdered chia seeds and vitamin C, and calcium - all to give you energy! There was also a tape measure with a little log-book to record measurements, weights, and general self-assessments of progress, and comments.

My life has many layers and compartments, so taking time off to do nothing but deal with Clean 9 was not an option for me. I had to work it in somehow. The first two days involve a fast from whole foods. I managed to do that, and only really felt hungry when I went shopping and carried six big plastic totes and a couple of other things from the store to my car. My thought when I got into my car to sit down was, "Oh, but I'm hungry right now!" However, I managed to rest and not break my fast. The rest of the week it wasn't really a problem.

By Day 3, the schedule had me on a little routine.... You know what, this review has turned into a full webpage on the website. How about if you go there to read the whole thing? Thanks. Here's the link;

A Practical Tip/Solution - What Happens When You Eat Aloe Vera?

When you first arrived at my site, I venture to guess, that you found yourself reading here and there, and then because other duties called, you had to leave. But you intended to come back and read further. It just hasn't happened yet though, has it?

I know. This happens to me a lot of times too. Sometimes I've signed up for the newsletter/ezine by email before I went and that keeps reminding me of the site. Sometimes then, when I see a link such as just above here, I click and dash back to the site, and get maybe a page or two read, but can't linger.

Well, there is a practical solution. I've prepared an autoresponder series of six emails that sum up the content of my main pages on the website about aloe vera. At least the ones that have to do with eating aloe vera.

You can sign up for free in a jiffy, then click the link in the confirmation email, and these special emails will come at regular intervals, giving you a chance to read a little more about eating aloe vera, the pros and cons, and answering the most basic questions I get asked a lot, particularly where to obtain aloe vera plants, and or products.

Sign up for this 6-part Autoresponder series here; What Happens When You Eat Aloe Vera?.

I Can Recommend - Aloe Berry Nectar

After finishing the Clean 9 days, I skipped a few days and then decided to enjoy for myself the 1 litre jug of aloe vera juice that is flavoured with berry nectar. It's a blend of fresh cranberries and sweet apples. I'd ordered it when I ordered the Clean 9 thinking that if any friends showed interest, I'd have something to sell them.

Taking a half cup in the morning and a half cup of this juice at bedtime, I've noticed several improvements in little health problems that have been part of my life a long time. The main one is the constant bloody scabs that dry up in my nostrils. It's not a huge problem, but I usually have to pick my nose clean in the mornings, and occassionally later in the day. I assumed that I just had very thin or weak blood vessels in my nostrils. However, while I've been drinking up this jug, my nostrils have healed up!

If it doesn't last, I know that drinking aloe vera juice on a daily basis will clear it up again! These juices are good to have handy in the fridge.

You can order Aloe Vera Juices/Drinks from a number of countries: the USA, Canada. (Ezines sometimes get filtered out for too many links, so I'll just say I have specific links for 12 more countries; Australia, Great Britian, Mexico, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, North Ireland, Phiippines, Portugal, Spain. If you would like the link for your location, just reply and let me know. I'll send it to you separately).

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