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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Bile+
May 02, 2016

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 5 #54 May 2, 2016

Taking Care of Ourselves - Importance of Bile
A Practical Tip/Solution - Soda and Vinegar for Lovely Nails
I Recommend - Miracle Tea
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Importance of Bile

Do you know the importance of Bile? You just can't get along without it! Your bile is terribly important for so many factors in your health. Bile is that alkaline fluid produced by the liver and stored in our gallbladder, from where it go via our "common duct" into the small intestine as needed to deal with the food we eat. When it encounters toxins, it acts as our 'bouncers' and escorts them out of our body. Like "Get out'a here - NOW!"

When our bile is healthy and flowing normally, we have better food absorption, better elimination, better internal cleansing, better blood circulation, and an excellent immune system. Good, hard-working bile means we will look, feel, think and do everything with more energy and cheer. We want good bile, obviously!

If we don't have good bile forming in our liver and flowing out of the gallbladder we will know it by problems like constipation, diarrhea, candida, and parasites. You may not know what is going on until you have a painful gallstone attack. Yuck! You don't want those! Gallstones are coagulated clumps of stagnant bile sludge. Caused by poor bile flow. They do crazy things like block our "common duct" and multiply in our gallbladder and even get backed up into our liver.

I know, because my mother had gallstones removed more than once. One time the doctor picked a handful of gallstones out of her liver, and gave them to her as a keepsake. I saw them. They looked like hard, dark green shriveled up peas. Mom also had her common duct replaced by a plastic tube. She tried to sew at the sewing machine once after that, and this duct folded over. The bile backed up and she became green and very VERY sick!. She had to learn not to lean forward to a degree which would fold that duct, or her normally poor health would get drastically worse.

Even if you have not got to the gallstone attack stage, you can do a lot to improve your health by taking steps to coddle and care for your precious bile. Keep it flowing freely. That is not all that hard if you know what to do.

Think again, what is bile's important work? . . . See this new webpage for the rest of this article: Importance of Bile

A Practical Tip/Solution - Soda and Vinegar for Lovely Nails

What? baking soda and vinegar for lovely nails? Never heard of it until just recently. But I have thin, weak nails that break easily all the time, so I'm willing to give this a try. I should maybe wait with sharing this until I can say that it really works, but I am thinking that others may be glad to give this a try, so I'll share it now, and then we can compare notes later.

Here's what we do. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda into a 1/4 cup of vinegar and soak your fingertips in it for about 15 minutes.

Another source says to do this in two steps; 15 minutes in the vinegar and then dry your nails, followed by another 15 minutes in a soda solution, but apparently that step is mainly to make the nails appear whiter. Feel free to experiment and see which works better.

I've considered that my poor nail tips may be because I spend so many hours pounding a keyboard all day. In the end I may have to resign myself to having bent and chipped nail tips as a work hazard, but when I hear of these easy remedies, I'm willing to try them out.

P.S. I know all my calcium-taking is not helping, but I just read that I might be deficient in biotin, zinc, and iodine. Hmm...? More tips to check out.

I Recommend - Miracle Tea -

I got onto the topic of bile and gallstones because of a recent weekly email from Carolyn Allen at My Miracle Tea. She told stories of people who had discovered that the herbal tea she sells had helped with clearing up such problems.

I'm happy to report that a number of my friends and followers from my website have been buying the tea on a repeat basis. I'm trying to get up enough nerve to email them (if I'm allowed) to ask what kind of results they are seeing from taking the Miracle Tea.

In case you haven't heard of or tried this yet, here's my link to go check it over. My Miracle Tea Your first order comes with a gift of extra tea bags. It is so easy to use and tastes fine.

Simply boil up a quart of water, and pour it into a quart jar or pitcher. Wait about 5 minutes so the goodness is not scalded out of the tea, then drop in the two teabags from one package. Allow to cool down and put in the fridge. Every day pour about a quarter to a third cup of the steeped tea into a glass or mug, and then top up with more clean water. Drink it away. Don't over do it the first few days as your body starts to detox! But gradually you can go to to two - or even three servings of the tea.

When I take My Miracle Tea daily I am more regular, my sinus headaches are gone, and my skin is not so itchy. I'm now increasing to two glasses a day in the hopes it will take care of any toxins in my digestive tract. Some things are just too good to keep to ourselves!

Blessings & Thanks!

Ruth Marlene Friesen

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