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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #021 - Seed Saver
September 02, 2013

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 2 # 21 September 2, 2013

Taking Care of Ourselves - Ally, the Little Gift Aloe Vera Plant
A Practical Tip/Solution - Seeds to Spare
I Recommend - A Tomato Discovered by a Seed Saver
Contact & Policies

Taking Care of Myself - Ally, the Little Gift Aloe Vera Plant

Cheryl Connor, our Southern neighbour in Alabama, and a subscriber to the Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, recently sent me an update on a gift aloe vera she received from me last year. (It was part of my promotion for the first few that signed up for my ezine, Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, when it was started). She also sent some photos, with permission to share them. Cheryl named the plant Ally.

She says Ally survived, despite some difficulties in the beginning. For sure the early photos she sent showed a very small, pathetic little plant.

[Go to for the full story with photos].

A Practical Tip/Solution - Seeds to Spare

I'm a seed saver like my Gr'ma Kroeker was, and right now I have some garden seeds to spare. Even I have to admit that I have more seeds than I'll ever use in my garden, so I'm preparing them in little packages, and offering to send you some for a tip of a $2.00 per package.

I've discovered that seed exchanges, especially of unique heritage seeds has become very popular. Well, I don't think I can afford the postage (nor the time!) if I were to package up all my spare seeds to give away for free. But I've decided that a tip of $2.00 should cover the postage costs. I'm going to try this as an experiment this fall to see how it goes. If it is popular but happens at a pace I can work into my otherwise already busy schedule, then hey, great. If not - well, then I'll drop it like I did with the idea of selling baby aloe vera plants. Some things just have to be done in a big way or not at all. But how will I know unless I have the courage to give it a try?

Go to this page on my website for more details on the seeds available and the way to order some; seeds to spare.

I Can Recommend - A Tomato Discovered by a Seed Saver

While I was checking out to see what other seed savers do, I came across this blog entry with a photo and a story of a very unusual tomato that was accidentally discovered, but that has a 200 year history. It seems that everyone who tries this tomato loves it. how a seed saver discovered one of our favourite tomatoes

That reminds me of the yellow tomato seeds I got from my Gr'ma when she came into my care. You don't often find yellow tomatoes in the stores, but they are delicious, and they are not so acidic if you have avoided eating tomatoes for that reason.

Well, I sowed the yellow tomatoes next to some red ones, and guess what - I got a new variety that is more golden and has some of the properties of both. Things like this happen when you are a seed saver!

May you have some special surprises as you finish up your fall garden harvest.

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