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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #031 - Back to Eden
July 07, 2014

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 3 Vol. 3 #31 July 7, 2014

Taking Care of Ourselves - Back to Eden
A Practical Tip/Solution - Finding Herbs
I Recommend - My Herbal Sources
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Back to Eden

Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss was recommended to me by an elderly woman in a nursing home when I was visiting my grandmother there. We were talking about herbs under our feet, seen only as weeds. Because of that older woman's reference, I went looking for this book, Back to Eden and found the authorized Jethro Kloss family edition in a health food store.

The more I read in it the more enthused I became. This Jethro Kloss, though he was born April 27, 1863, (before my beloved Grosz'mama in 1896, making him about 85 years older than me), showed a lot of wisdom and knowledge. I was impressed. I began to try out the herbal remedies he suggested, and discovering they helped!

In this book, his daughter Promise tells about her father's life and gives a biography, and in the next preface, Jethro himself tells how he came into this lifestyle.

Promise Kloss Moffett describes how her father was born the ninth in a pioneering family of eleven children. The family lived a healthy, wholesome life in the midst of native Indian country. They gathered their food and medicines from the land around them, just as the Indians did, though of course, they farmed too. They were a devote Christian family (later I learned they were Seventh Day Adventists), and as a young man, Jethro headed to Florida to work in the orange groves, and later on to Nebraska to get an education at Deland. From there he went on to Battle Creek in Michigan.

It was in Battle Creek, that Jethro worked in the world-famous sanitarium. He learned much about the dangers of drugs, and how to care for the sick. By this time he was a licensed minister. It was also there that he met and married Miss Carrie Stilson. Carrie had trained as a Bible worker and had taught school. They were married on March 5, 1900.

In my research, I've discovered that Battle Creek was a very Adventist area. Many moved to that area. Ellen G. White, their prophetess sent young men to go get medical training to give some of her better health ideas credence. One of them was John Harvey Kellogg, who set up the sanitarium and even invented that word. It became an important center, and many famous people came to get treated in that facility. Dr. Kellogg and his younger brother Will discovered the making of corn flakes by accident, while trying to provide patients with good breakfast foods. Will became the manager and then the owner of the large and successful Kellogg's company. At one time there were 40 such breakfast companies in Battle Creek, all competing vigorously for the best market share.

Jethro Kloss knew and admired Dr. John Kellogg, and taught many of the same views on healing virtually every ailment with herbs. Though some folks found them odd, maybe even fanatic, these men sincerely wanted to help others get well, and live well.

They settled in Rose Lawn, Wisconsin, where he worked as a minister and also ran a branch of the Battle Creek Sanitarium on the side, plus sold some health foods. Two children were born to them there, Promise Joy and Paul. However, baby Paul died of whooping cough when only four weeks old. Carrie died in July 1905.

Two years later, Jethro Kloss married Mrs. Amy Pontwith, a widow with a little girl, Mabel. They moved to St. Peter, Minnesota, and started up an attractive sanitarium in pleasant surroundings, which they called Home Sanitarium.

It was run much as a small hospital would be nowadays. (Back in the early 1900s there were not many hospitals yet). They had mens' and womens' wards, and private rooms too. The local doctors would perform surgeries there, with Jethro handling the anesthetics. They were equipped for electrical treatments and hydrotherapy, and were especially successful in treating nervous breakdowns.

Continue to read more about Jethro Kloss's life on my website

A Practical Tip/Solution - Finding Herbs

Are you learning about herbs, but feeling a bit bewildered? How do you go about finding herbs that are beneficial? What do you do with them?

Besides a strong interest in aloe vera uses, I have a growing interest in herbs. I'm at the point where I know it will take longer than my lifetime to learn all there is to know. In fact, I doubt that anyone knows all that God knows about the plants He has given us for medicine. However, this knowledge is best gained slowly so we can apply and remember it. Remember, knowledge is the facts, wisdom comes with knowing how to use that knowledge.

My method for finding herbs, is to consider my current symptoms, looking them up in the Back to Eden book, (or on the internet), and then, when I've got a description of the herb(s) in my area, I go out to look for them. For instance, plantain is usually found where there is a footpath over a grassy area, or beside sidewalks, and around fence posts. Plantain is found in the city as well as the country.

On the other hand, mint is often found in gardens or flowerbeds, where it has been allowed to take over. Now I deliberately allow it to grow wild in my flowerbeds.

Calendula is a wild flower, but I let it grow as it pleases in a patch next to my raspberry canes. That's the one I gather for making ointment for skin conditions.

Finding herbs in abundance is easy if you go walking or hiking in wild, natural areas and wooded places beside a river, or in the meadowy fields and brush of a farmer's pasture. I suggest reading up ahead of time, asking others who may recognize certain herbs to show them to you, and then, stuffing some bags into your pockets, go to pick some.

Be careful not to harvest ALL the plants of that type in that area, or it may be eradicated forever. If you are unfamiliar with them, it is better to pick just a few leaves or flowers, and taking them to someone who knows, for confirmation, before you ingest them.

I Can Recommend - My Herbal Sources

Time is at a premium for me, but I have put up a number of pages on my website about certain herbs that I appreciate most. I intend to keep adding more as I have time, but if you want to start your information gathering, before you go out finding herbs, feel free to read the pages I offer. At present I have individual pages on these herbs; calendula, comfrey, mint, parsley, and plantain. You can find links to these pages from this hub-page; herbal-remedies.

Here's another website that packages and sells herbs at Nature's Origin; which is so good to know if you can't do all that hunting and gathering yourself: Shop Earth Born Herbs! Valid Now- 8/31/2014.

Amazon has the Back To Eden book

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