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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #006 - Gardening as Exercise
June 04, 2012

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 1 # 6 June 4, 2012

Results of Sending Aloe Vera - Conclusion
Taking Care of Myself - Gardening as Exercise
A Practical Tip/Solution - 10 Gardening Tips I've Learned
I Recommend - Aloe Vera Capsules
Contact & Policies

Results of Sending Aloe Vera - Conclusion

I missed one result last month. Maureen received her aloe vera and sent photos too.

Also, Maggie responded on receiving hers with this encouraging note;
Thanks again for the plant. I have it potted and it looks great, I will keep you updated on it progress.
God Bless, Maggie

I heard from Robin in South Africa, and he has sad news. The plant did NOT survive the trip.

This brings my experiment to an end. I have decided that this is more effort than I could give on a continuing basis. But I am starting up a page with links to those who do offer aloe vera plants for sale. If you are prepared to sell and ship your plants I'll be glad to add your name and contact info to that page.

Taking Care of Myself - Gardening as Exercise

I spent most of the Saturday before Mother's Day out in the garden, seeding row after row. By the end of the day I had just two rows left to do, and the herbs that I wanted to tuck into various corners.

The last two rows were done in the week that followed, a little bit now and then after coming home from the office and changing into work clothes. Then I took a week of focus vacation week, to stay home and work harder on my two SBI sites. But that week held some surprises for me!

In the midst of rain and a lot of wind on the Tuesday, my tent-garage (a Christmas gift from my neighbours co-workers at the mission) somersaulted and landed upside down on my garden, but also hooked on the power line! My neighbour came to the back door to tell me. I called 911 and some police and firemen came to unhook it, and tied the garage down to the neighbours' fences on both sides, with ropes I found in the trunk of my car.

I did a report on that last week in my inspirational blog/ezine/RSS feed, including some photos. If you are curious, you may go find it at The RoseBouquet.

Anyway, my neighbour, Joe and I managed to turn the garage right side up again on Thursday late afternoon when the winds had died down, and we moved it back where it belonged. He also tacked it down with 6 cane-sized rebars driven into the ground.

Meantime, my garden is coming up. (I have re-seeded a few rows after raking out the big men's footprints), and right now I'm happy to notice more and more things coming up each time I go into the garden. I should be eating spinach in about a week or so now.

The very effort to water the garden when there has been no rain for a couple of days, and digging up the grass that creeps in under the neighbours' fences, and tidying up the debris falling from the trees keeps me in physical projects that force me to move about. There's my exercise plan!

I can hardly wait until my garden is an uneven lot of mostly waist high green vegetables and flowers! That's the reward stage; the reason why I 'find' and 'make' time for my garden.

A Practical Tip/Solution - 10 Gardening Tips I've Learned

1. Seeds and plants want to grow - God makes it happen - I just have to give them a chance. (No green thumb required).

2. Weeds come up easily if you pluck them up when they are just an inch or two high; if I put it off, they will grow monster roots!

3. However, many weeds will turn into herbs, once I know how they are good for my health.

4. Mom was right, rain water is best for plants. Rain barrels and watering by watering can as long as rain water is available should be my first choice.

5. Harvest the herbs by picking their leaves when at their best, bring them in and rinse them well in the sink, then spread them on wax paper or newspaper to dry over a few days. When brittle, crumble them and put into bottles or baggies, label, and set aside for herbal teas.

6. Dead-heading, or picking off dead flowers and saving them, will provide an endless supply of flower seeds to share and to grow more.

7. When slicing my ripe tomatoes I scrape the seeds out onto a sheet of wax paper and set aside to dry. Then, put them into old supplement bottles and label.

8. When peeling, cutting cores, etc., on vegetables for meals, put the waste material in a bucket and take out to the garden to bury.

9. Keep old dishes on hand, and a few blocks of oasis; when the flowers are looking their best, you can cut them and make a bouquet to give to a friend or shut-in.

10. Don't forget to share the vegetables with others too. That's a way of tithing or thanking God for the bounty He has provided.

I Can Recommend - Aloe Vera Capsules

I took a whole day to spend on my aloe vera site during my Focus/Vacation week just two weeks ago, and when I went to see whether anyone else besides Puritan's Pride carries aloe vera capsules, I found that at they have something like 120 different ones by a number of companies I'd never heard of!

I don't know that I can really recommend all of them, since I haven't tried them personally, but I decided to collect the best-looking assortment into an aStore on my site. That way you can go to this one page and look them over and see if you recognize any by your favourite supplement supplier. Perhaps you will want to try some out. Buy Aloe Vera Capsules

Capsules sure have certain advantages over having to harvest from a plant, and so much easier to carry with you.

Perhaps you would let me know what kind of experiences you have, whether positive or negative, so that I can pass them on to others via the site? Thanks. That would be good of you.

Contact & Policies - Constant

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That is just the kind of security we enjoy at SBI)

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