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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #023 - Can Aloe Vera Make You Feel Worse?
November 04, 2013

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Taking Care of Ourselves - Can Aloe Vera Make You Feel Worse?
A Practical Tip/Solution - Make Your Own Healthy Coffee Substitute
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Can Aloe Vera Make You Feel Worse?

Sometimes subscribers write and ask questions, such as, can aloe vera make you feel worse? I answwer them a well as I can right then, but often forget that those answers might be just what someone else needs to hear. So I'm going to start using them as a springboard for short articles here in this ezine.

Nora asked: "Do you know what happens to the body when the aloe vera is getting rid of all the sludge; does it make you really ill? After about a week of taking aloe vera I ended up with all sorts of health problems like fibromyalgia symptoms, stomach cramps, flu, cold and coughing. I quit taking aloe vera as I felt I was taking too much natural products and have not taken aloe vera for over a week now."

My Answer:
Now, of course, (disclaimer), I'm not authorized to give medical advice. I just talk about my own experiences and what I've learned.

I've found that there is no harm in taking aloe vera every day. But when things are going well, I'll sometimes drop it a few days, just so I don't go through it so fast. To save expenses. On the other hand, it is true that when the aloes are cleansing you internally, you may experience symptoms that make you feel sicker for a while.

I find that it is wise to listen to my body. When I experience symptoms that could mean too much of a good thing, then it's time to hold back, but if I have symptoms that indicate a need, I load up again.

Like when I got an outbreak of hives on my left wrist. I have a few remedies at the office, but I could hardly wait now to walk home and gulp some aloe vera juice from the fridge. Normally, I'd have about a 1/4 or 1/3 of a glass each day, but that night I took more, and several times.

I could take an antihistamine too, but that makes me sleepy and then I wounn't get everything done I want to that night.

Depending what I have at hand when hives hit, I dab on either aloe vera, or apple cider vinegar, (and in a pinch, even hydrogen peroxide), any of which ease the itch of my hives. Ultimately though, to be rid of them for longer periods, I know I must cleanse myself internally with aloe vera gel/juice.

I'm inclined to believe that this is true with most other health problems you might have. You can look for remedies to ease the symptoms, but then then the lasting healing has to come from within.

May I dare to add - that healing needs to come from within our bodies and within our spirit. If we are out of sorts with God and the world, sickness has found a mouse-hole to get into our lives.

Regarding taking aloe vera juice or gel, I would suggest you listen to, and watch your body's reactions and symptoms, read up on these things, and go with what your intuition, or your heart tells you. Ask God for insights too, and just see what comes to you in the way of practical ideas.

A Practical Tip/Solution - Make Your Own Healthy Coffee Substitute

Browsing through Back to Eden, by Jethro Kloss, I've just spied his recipes to make your own healthy coffee substitute. (You may want to find a copy to study and compare those recipes, but here's a few quick ones. They involve things like roasting and grinding up soybeans, or other cereal grains, including wheat and rye. The secret seems to be to put them in a drippings pan and roasting, with frequent stirring until you have a dark brown and hard biscuit type of material. Break it up with a hammer and put it through a grinder. One advantage is that you can roast it as light or dark as you like.

Another recipe says to moisten wheat bran with equal parts of malt honey and water, mix well, and place in the bright sun to air-dry. (I have not tried this, but it is suppose to give it a very pleasant flavour). When you are convinced it is all dried, you put it into the oven to roast some more. For extra flavour, Kloss writes that you can add some fine rye flour.

Not remotely interested in roasting your own coffee? What about an enriched bran water or broth to add to your other meal recipes to make them more creamy and healthy?

For Bran Water put two cups of bran into one quart of water, using a larger container to allow for swelling, and let stand overnight. In the morning strain through a fine sieve or cheesecloth. That bran-flavoured water can be used in any soup stock, stew or in breads in place of the water the recipes call for. (Now that will add more Vitamin Bs to our diet and give us an energy boost, while also soothing skin issues).

You can make Oatmeal Water too, except that you use one cup of old-fashioned oatmeal to a quart of water. These "waters" will increase the vitamins, and make your soaps creamy. (Hint: make this your secret ingredient and no one will be able to duplicate your rich soups - unless you tell them about this).

As an extra flavorful touch, Kloss says we can add dried parsley, onion or celery. - Oh, I like that idea!

I Can Recommend - Supplements from Puritan's Pride

Winter has arrived over night here in Saskatoon! I put the garden to bed on Saturday, put away the tools in the shed, and now it is time to sweep and shovel the walk almost every day. But this also means that sniffles and colds and viruses come out of nowhere to visit us too.

Last night I had a dry cough triggered by a a tickle in the throat, so right away I headed to my supplements cupboard and made sure to take my D3, zinc, and oregano oil, above and beyond my usual supplements, for extra protection. I also sucked on a chewable Vitamin C tablet when I went to bed. I don't notice any cough problem today (and I had to shovel and work for half an hour to get the car out of the gate this morning). Only - my tongue feels a litle sculptured, as if I've biten a piece off the side. That tells me that I'm low on B vitamins, so I'm increasing those today too.

Want to know where I go to order my supplements? I get them online from Puritan's Pride The quality is always excellent and they often have a sale on whereby I can get 5 bottles of one supplement for the price of just 2. That often keeps me stocked up for 5-6 months of the year! I highly recommend that you go browse through their site. In fact, I just got word that another special is starting today, Nov. 4 - going through to Friday, the 8th:

10% off plus Free Shipping with any purchase at Puritan’s Pride Vitamins! Enter Code: AFP10FS at check out. Valid: 11.04.13 - 11.08.13

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