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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #024 - Is our Nose a Barometer?
December 02, 2013

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Taking Care of Ourselves - Is Our Nose a Barometer?
A Practical Tip/Solution - Christmas Self-control
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Is Our Nose a Barometer?

Sometimes I mull things over that I've learned through reading and experience, and come up with a new theory, like this - is our nose a barometer of what is happening in our lower bowel and rectum? I'm sorry if this makes you squeamish, but if you are willing to hold yourself together, you may decide to try this experiment, and if it plays out according to my theory, you will have a handy way to tell what's going on down where the sun can't shine. You won't need a little camera on a string after all.

I've hesitated to say anything for fear people will say, "How gross!" but I have finally got around to checking whether others agree, and sure enough the Chinese who believe that the body is divided into meridians are convinced that what affects us at one end of our body, will show symptoms in the organs at the other end of the same meridian.

Other medical researchers mention too, that most health issues have a tie-in to poor or sluggish health in our bowels.

Okay, I'll become more specific. Over the years (not nearly so much in the last few years as I've applied my theory), I've had some problems with an irritable bowel, and sometimes switching from apparent constipation to diarhrea. I've also had a lot of sinus trouble. Naturally, I called that my allergies. Often I'd be dealing with both problems at once. Then I noticed that when I was cross-eyed with a sinus headache, I could take all kinds of painkillers, but it would NOT clear up until I also got my bowel problem cleared up. So I began to give priority to the bowel problem, and toughing out the headache, plus my stuffed, dried-blood encrusted nostrils, until the lower problem clear up. Amazingly, when my bowels would clear my headache would evaporate in just a matter of seconds!

I've puzzled over this connection for at least a decade, and have compared symptoms and what works and what doesn't. Although I know of no scientific studies to prove it, I am getting quite sold on my theory that my nostrils are my early-warning barometer of an impending crisis in my bowels. When I wake up in the morning and find dried blood or simply crusted crud in my nostrils so that I have to blow my nose, or sometimes use vaseline to pick the dried crud pieces out - even though I have no headache yet, I know what kind of day I may be getting. I make sure to plan meals that are mostly raw fruits or vegetables (not both at the same meal), or soups, and I take extra supplements to cleanse my bowels.

Usually I ask myself too, what did I eat yesterday? Oh yes, I had more bread than usual, or - right, they served pizza at lunch, or - oh dear, I had too much of that red meat at supper. I know that these things can slow my bowels down to almost a halt. So can a busy Saturday with lots of physical exertion as I do my laundry, yard work and housecleaning - all on my one domestic day of the week.

Many times now I have averted a headache and constipation by checking my nostrils in the morning as if it is my barometer of healthy or foul bodily conditions.

Happily, I can report that when my nose is clear I have no headache or bowel problems at all. When I can go several days or weeks with such healthy conditions I rejoice, and thank God.

If you have similar experiences, I'd love to hear from you. Also, if you are aware of any scientific proof - do let me know!

If this is news to you, and you have such symptoms too, try writing down your observations when your nose hints at trouble to come, and what you do about it.

Doesn't an old proverb say, "Fore-warned is fore-armed"? Why suffer unnecessarily if you can nip it in the bud?

A Practical Tip/Solution - Christmas Self-control

Christmas is coming and so are all the parties and feasts. Many of us lose our Christmas self-control, and hush up our pangs of guilt as we eat the sweets put before us, even though we know they are not good for us. When we get home from the special event we may berate ourselves, with thoughts like, "I have no will-power!" and, "Why do they even let me see those pretty treats?" Then we may also side-step our conscience with little platitudes like, "Christmas only comes once a year," or, "I'll go back to healthy eating after the holidays."

I've had that happen many times, but I recall once when I got home and had two days of sinus and bowel problems to wrestle with, that I cried out to God and asked Him to take away all my allergies and other problems and I'd settle for an allergy to sugar and sweets. I knew they were not healthy for me, so maybe if they gave me allergy symptoms I'd be ready to leave them alone.

Furthermore, I resolved to start telling people that I had an allergy to sugar, and that would then prevent me from putting those chocolate balls and squares on my plate, to save face. I drank water instead of punch, took only crackers and cheese sticks if on the buffet, and found that I was much more free to just talk to people while they were stuffing their faces. I went home from social events feeling great, and had no consequences in the following days. Besides, when I did eat just one 1-inch square, I would get very itchy eyes, and other true allergy signs! I figured my prayer was answered.

Besides, I just read in a health newsletter, that sugary food can lower our immune system!

After Dad died I was very busy emptying and cleaning the house for sale, and cleaning the one I was moving to, so I found that I had to eat to keep my strength up, and because I was in a new circle of friends, I begged God to be released from my "sugar allergy." Especially when people brought such food to show sympathy.

The Lord seemed to release me from my pledge to have an allergy to sugar, but I am seeing signs again that is it NOT healthy for me. I think it's time to take another Christmas Self-control pledge.

Want to join me? Exert some Christmas self-control; if that doesn't work, pray for an allergy to sugar.

I Can Recommend - My Miracle Tea in Capsules

If you read my June issue, you may recall that I was trying out something new called, My Miracle Tea, which does a great job of cleansing one's digestive system, and making one feel much better.

After that I had one mis-adventure when I had a cup of that tea late in the evening, and another one in the morning. Whoa, did that ever work overtime! I felt rinsed out and tired after that episode, but fine otherwise. So I've learned to only take one cup of tea a day, even though their instructions on the package say you can have two cups a day. Maybe some can - just not me.

However, later in the summer they announced that they had this herbal preparation available in capsules. You could take them along when traveliing and when it was not possible to make your "My Miracle Tea." Well, I was willing to try some and they sure are handy. To make them last longer, I still make the tea, but if I forget to have that daily cup, I just pop a capsule and drink a tall glass of water, and I'm good to go.

In fact, sometimes I do skip some days because I feel fine, but it's nice to know that I have a good, reliable remedy when needed. It helps others with different problems, but that's what I experience most. I recommend you have a good look at their site; My Miracle Tea

Incidentally, I nearly forgot but I wrote up a page this summer you might find helpful too: My Miracle Tea Ingredients. I researched them and was surprised what's all in that pleasant-tasting tea!

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