work into a web page for AVHH. GARDEN HERBS (new page?) Celery - good for incontinence of urine, liver troubles. produces perspiration, is a tonic. Good for rheumatism and neuralgia, and nervousness. Eat as raw vegetable, use seeds in soups. Chickweed - considered a hated weed, yet, can be used as spinach for food, use fresh, dried and powdered for a salve, or poultices. Great for bronchitis, pleurisy, coughs, colds, hoarseness, rheumatism or any internal inflammation. It heals and soothes whatever it touches, so can be used for any skin surface problems including scalds and burns. Take it internally for blood poisoning, also for constipation. Comfrey - Remedy for coughs, catarrah (phlelgm), inflammed lungs, consumption, hemorrhage, asthma, and tuberculosis. Also good for kidney, stomach or bowel problems. Jethro Kloss said it was the best remedy for bloody urine. Mash up leaves for a poultice, or make a batch of tea to soak cloths for applying on areas of skin problems. Comfrey has an excellent effect on inward bruises and pains. Lay the fresh leaves over gangrenous sores, or gangrene, and moist ulcers. Dandelion - use as a salad green, just as spinach. It has 28 parts sodium; that natural salt purifies the blood and destroys acids in the blood, and deals with anemia. The dandelion roots will increase urine flow and is slightly laxative. Great for all kinds of skin diseases, scurvy, scrofula and eczema. Useful in easing kidney troubles, diabetes, dropsey, bowel inflammations and fever. Beneficial to female organs, and improves the activity of liver, pancreas and spleen, especially when they are enlarged. You can also grind up the dried roots for a coffee substitute! Dill - usually used to make dill pickles and as flavouring in soups. It is an old-fashioned stomach remedy, preventing gas and fermentation. Good for colic in children and can be added to hot milk. it quiets jangled nerves, and is useful too, for swelling and pain. It can stop hiccups too. Echinacea - Fennel - Ginger - Holy thistle - Lily of the valley - (root only) - Lobelia - Marshmallow/ Malva - Milkweed - Mint - Mullein Nettle - Parsley - ' Peppermint - Plantain Red Raspberry - Rhubarb - Sage - Sorrel - Spearmint - Summer Savory - Thyme -