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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, The Poisons We Eat,
October 05, 2015

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 4 #47 October 5, 2015

Taking Care of Ourselves - The Poisons We Eat
A Practical Tip/Solution - My Aloe Vera Facebook Page
I Recommend - Rub Out the Poisons
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Taking Care of Ourselves - The Poisons We Eat

Sherry Brescia writes on her blog, about the poisons we eat unknowingly. Each American eats 150 lbs of poison each year!

What? That sounds crazy! But then I read her facts and figures.

It's all in the processed foods we eat. She says there are four levels of the poisons we eat;

The foods that are barely processed. Like fruits that have been sprayed with pesticides, but still look like natural foods. It can include salad mixes and soup starters that are pre-cut and bagged for our convenience - and you would expect them to be clean and pure, right? They are some of the poisons we eat.

Some foods are minimally processed in how they are dried or ground, but not knowing about the processes, you think they are 'natural.'

Moderatedly processed foods, include breads, dairy products like cheeses, yogurt, or condiments like ketchup, mustard, applesauce, salad dressings, tinned soups, peanut butter, jams, mayo, cold cuts and sausages. (Whoa! Some of my favourites have poisons?)

You may already know that some foods definitely have perservative chemicals and artificial ingredients. Things like packaged breakfast cereals, quick dinner mixes, crackers, chips, puddings, whipped toppings, coffee creamers, sodas, candy, pastries, donuts... and on and on. Oh yes, TV dinners, juice boxes, pop tarts, cake and cooke mixes, gravy/sauce mixes, and even Cheez Whiz - all contain poisons we eat!

This last food group is the MOST dangerous and are no better for you than chewing on a cardboard box. Aw-w-w!?

The grocery world puts anywhere from 2,000 to 8,000 additives into the food you buy from the grocery shelves. Two items at the top of any list of additives are salt and sugar.

Like me, you might be thinking, "but I've been avoiding processed foods to a large degree for years already. Surely I don't injest 150 lbs of it each year!" Yes, some of us are exceptions.

I KNOW I don't eat 130 lbs of sugar even in 5 to 10 years. I rarely even use sugar when I bake to take a dessert to a social event. Nor do I use 10-15 lbs of salt. (Hey, I'm still working on a container of salt my sister gave me years ago!)

Sherry writes that Americans generally take in 5-10 lbs of the other stuff; synethic vitamins, artificial flavours, perservatives, artificial sweetners, trans-fats and coloured dyes.

Did you know that the sweetners are toxic to our neuro-system?
The trans-fats cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes, immune dysfunction, mood swings, obesity and faster aging?
The coloured dyes give us cancer?

Corn syrup is made from GMO, which contains mercury; there goes your mind.
All that salt drives up blood volume and pressure.

Our liver and kidneys, etc., - our whole body in fact, is remarkable at filtering out toxins, but this is more than it can handle. That's why some of the healthiest people you know suddenly cave in and come down with sickness. The hidden poisons we eat eventually come out to laugh at us.

Learn to listen to your body. If you feel weary, depressed, or in pain after eating some foods, simply decide to do without that food for a while. Make a mental or written note of your symptoms. Then when you try it again, notice whether the same symptom appears again. This of course, works best if you don't eat too many different foods at the same time.

At the same time, try to find and eat REAL FOOD. If you have grown it yourself, or know where it was grown and who prepared it for you - and of couse, what they did to prepare it, you will start to eat a better diet for your body. It will glow and thank you with well-being. But this may not happen in a few days. It may take you months to get this sorted out.

Your yardstick: Food should taste good, nourish you, and NOT give you pain.

A Practical Tip/Solution - My Aloe Vera Facebook Page

I've been trying to get on Facebook more regularly the last few weeks and noticed that people from around the world are "Liking" my Aloe-Vera-and-Handy-Herbs page. That's fantastic!

But I'm also a bit embarassed that I don't have much for them to see there. So I've just made a promise to myself to try to go there and put tips from this ezine, and other items like this on that Facebook Page. That way, you can keep up todate in a more incidental way, and not have to worry about missing this ezine when it comes out by email.

Some people, like me, prefer emails because we've got a habit of reading and dealing with emails in a regular daily block of time. But what good does that do, if it ends up in your Spam folder? Or if you are far more used to being on Facebook, and other social media all day?

Where is this page? Come see!

I Recommend - Rub Out the Poisons

Are you wondering how to rub out the poisons out of your diet and lifestyle? (That piece at the top is rather scary!)

I can think of several approaches to suggest, besides using that information to make better food choices.

Sherry Brescia offers some products on her site, besides the very helpful articles, that can help you do this.

Forever Living has the Clean 9 kit, which helps to clear those poisons and toxins out of your system. But of course, then you need to eat healthy after that, to maintain good health. To have a look at the Clean 9 package click CANADA or USA If you are in another country, just click on the upper right corner words, "Retail Aloe Store" and then you should see a drop-down menu that allows you to choose your country, or the one nearest to you. . . . Remember, every purchase is money-back guaranteed if you are disappointed.

But just two weeks ago I had a water filtration system installed. I couldn't afford the system that would purify AND make heathly ALL the water used in my house, but they offered me a sweet deal for the drinking water filtration and so I decided that at least I could make sure that all the water I drink or use in cooking could be healthy water.

If I can rub out the poisons in my drinking water, especially if it has healthy factors added in, that puts me a good distance down the road to better health.

I do not have enough experience with this for a ful review, but the very next morning, and every day since then, I've felt especially alert in my mind and able to think and be all present in my activities. (Well, let's say until I start getting sleepy later in the evening).

This is a fairly new company started by people right here in my home province, but they are looking to expand as fast as they can.

If you are keen to know more about this option, contact me via the Reach Me form on the website, and I'll tell you more about it one one one.

Blessings & Thanks!

Ruth Marlene Friesen

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