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Come Look Inside My Jumbo Aloe Vera Plant ,
October 05, 2020

Aloe Vera Tips n' Solutions - October 5, 2020

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 9 #113 October 5, 2020

Taking Care of Ourselves - Come Look Inside My Jumbo Aloe Vera Plant

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Come Look Inside My Jumbo Aloe Vera Plant

For the last few years I've had this jumbo aloe vera plant growing in my window right in front of my computer. I've watched it grow so big and heavy it tipped the pot over to the right. Whenever I wanted another smoothee I would cut off another leaf and slice it open to scrap the gel out for my blender. But a couple of weeks ago I KNEW it was time to cut down the remaining center-stem and go exploring inside my jumbo aloe vera plant.

Would it be full of gel too? I was eager to find out.

I also knew that I would take photos of every step so that I could share this experience with others via my website. I will now do that with 21 photos!

I took those photos at each step of the process, and have added a running commentary on what I saw and found throughout. It made for a fairly long webpage. I don't think this email would reach you though weighed down with so many photos. So instead, I'm giving you the link to go see it on the website.

If you are as curious as I was, you'll enjoy this little vicarious adventure!

Go to: Inside My Jumbo Aloe Vera Plant

Now, off to see what new things I can learn ahead of you for the next issue. :)

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