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November 07, 2016

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 5 #60 November 7, 2016

Taking Care of Ourselves - Three Dandelion Recipes
A Practical Tip/Solution - 10 Tips to Sleep Like a Baby
I Recommend - Aloe Vera Jugs of Juice
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Vol. 5 #60 November 7, 2016

Taking Care of Ourselves - Three Dandelion Recipes

I have three dandelion recipes or cures for you today.

In the Canadian prairies winter is on the brink. Time to make dandelion syrup and tea to fight colds, or coughs and bronchnitis, except that it is harder to find the dandelions now. Especially if you have snow already covering the ground, You may need to set these recipes aside to make next summer.

On the other hand, if you live in a warmer temperate zone, you should not find these recipes too hard.

Dandelion Syrup
Gather about 400 yellow dandelion flowers
pour 3 litres (or quarts) of water over them.
Slice up 4 oranges and 4 lemons, add to the dandelions and water
Let the mixture steep for 24 hours.

Then strain the mixture and pour the liquid into a pot
Add 2 cups of sugar and cook for half an hour.
When the mixture has boiled down to a syrup state pour into sterilized jars
Set aside to serve by spoonsful when you or family members have colds, coughs, or bronchitis.

Dandelion Roots to Fight Cancer
Pull up and gather a number of dandelion roots
Peel them and cut the roots into smaller pieces
Spread the pieces on wax paper (or other clean surface) and air dry for 2 weeks, or until they dry brittle.
Put the roots in a jar and put in a dark and cool place.

I confess, I have not tried using the roots this way yet, but modern medicine is confirming that dandelion roots can cure cancer. They can also clean up your liver, kidneys, and gallbladder. If you have problems in those areas, you may be bold enough to try some dried dandelion roots. You probably should steep them in a cup or pot of tea to draw out the healing properties.

Dandelion Tea
Pick your dandelion leaves, rinse, then dry them a few days on a clean, open surface.
Chop or break up the brittle dried leaves until minced well.
store the leaves in a jar for use as needed.

To make Dandelion Tea, put a spoon full or two in a tea ball, in a tea pot, and pour boiling hot water over it.
If you need a stronger tea because of the health problems above, add some pieces of the dried Danelion roots to the tea ball.
Some people add a pinch of salt instead of sugar, and boil the mixture on the stove top for 20 minutes first.
You can strain out the leaves and roots afterward, and just drink the liquid.
If you are trying to get well from some serious health issues, drink up to 3 cups each day.

Here's hoping that the three dandelion recipes or cures will be truly helpful to you.

A Practical Tip/Solution - 10 Tips to Sleep Like a Baby

Here are 10 tips to sleep like a baby. This is assuming a healthy, contented baby, that truly does sleep through the night. (We all know that if there were an average baby, it would likely not be one that sleeps through the night. Therefore, the metaphor is used tongue in cheek).

Try a warm cup of herbal tea at bedtime. Some teas especially will make you sleepy, such as.hops, motherwort, skullcap, or peppermint.

1. Decide when bedtime is for you, and then guard that time as if it is an important appointment.

2. Develop a before-bedtime routine, with perhaps, reading, a bath, brushing your teeth, laying out clothes for the morning, jotting down 3 blessings from the day. Then make this routine sequence a habit. As soon as you start, your body and mind will catch on that sleep time is coming.

3. Turn your bed and bedroom into a sleep cocoon. Only sleep there. Do not allow hobby corners, or a TV, or a computer to distract you. If space constraints insist they have to be in your bedroom, somehow keep them separate for your sleep's sake.

4. Are your mattress, pillows and blankets conducive to a restful sleep? If the mattress squeaks at every turn, the pillow won't fluff, or gives you a crick in the neck, and the thick duvet quilt makes you feel too hot - then it is time to make some changes there.

5. Don't sit up in bed to work (whether that is homework, cramming for an exam, research, or client files) Then, even if you did the first 4 tips you've cancelled their effect.

6. Really truly ban all your electronic devices in the bedroom. Just one brief text message, or email, reading stuff... can wake you up when almost asleep, and utterly steal your sleep! Oh sure, maybe it doesn't happen all the time, maybe reading an e-book lulls you and makes you feel sleepy, but sooner or later the devil will turn that around to terrorize you, or fire up your mind to wrestle with big issues. Leave all that in the next room. Practice self-control.

7. If you have to do evening workouts for exercise, do them at least two hours before bedtime. You know they increase your blood flow. Yes, even to your mind, so it won't shut off.

8. Do not exercise too close to bedtime. That stirs up bodily functions and makes them more alert. Plan your walk or exercise at least two hours before bedtime.

9. Deny yourself caffeine and sweets before bedtime. Rather, drink an extra tall glass of water to calm and relax yourself before bedtime. Sweets can create other problems. (They give me gas, and recent studies now show that sugar causes cancer!). In fact, a light evening meal is better for your digestive system over night as well.

10. Even though I was yawning my head off before I started to get ready for bed, sometimes my mind decides that I didn't give myself any time for playful thinking and meandering - when I turn out the light, it decides to take me on an interesting journey, meeting people (often only in my imagination), and we have lively dialogues. Suddenly I realize it is past 2 or 3 am., and I'm not asleep!

That's why it is a good time to have a mental activity to wind down and shut down the imagination, no matter whether you are enjoying the story, or re-running an experience that went bad. Some like to do counting games, (like sheep), or alphabet games, (naming an animal for each letter of the alphabet). I start praying very deliberately, either counting blessings or listing things I want to do in the morning and at what times. (That makes waking up easier too).

I do most of the above, but my top personal favourites are: recording at least 3 blessings in a notebook, just before I pull my feet into bed and turn out the light, and when I can't shut my mind down, I pray and mentally list the next morning's agenda.

If you have become sleep deprived, or terribly upset up over some personal or family crisis, it is a good idea to allow yourself short cap naps during the day. That will help your body to go into a regular night-shift mode at bedtime, and you will have a good sleep like the proverbial baby.

I Recommend - - Aloe Vera Jugs of Juice

I must rave about the Aloe Vera jugs of Juice by Forever Living again. I like to have one of those jugs of juice in my fridge at all times. Sometimes I will skip days on end because I'm feeling fine and want to be frugal and make the jug last. But over the last number of weeks I've had a problem with my skin feeling very thin and easily brought to itch. Especially under the elastic bands of my clothing, or my lower back when I'd been lying in bed for a while, or the night. I had some aloe vera gel to apply, and that gave peace for a while, but then before long my fingers were at my back, scratching again.

I decided that it was time to increase my aloe vera juice from about a quarter of small glass occasional evenings to about half a glass three or four times a day. That brought me to an end of the current jug in the fridge in a hurry, so I order several more. Now Forever Living has one unflavoured Aloe Vera Gel (juice), two flavours, Bits N' Peaches, and Berry Nectar; and then there is one called Forever Freedom, which has added ingredients to help take out joint pain. My favourite is the Bits N' Peaches. The others are okay, and the Berry Nectar a bit too sweet for me, but if I'm offered a choice, I'll take the Bits N' Peaches first. Well, I placed my order online late at night, and must have been getting sleepy, so I ended ordering 4 jugs of the plain Aloe Vera Gel (juice) instead of my favourite on another line. I didn't see that until they arrived at my door. Oh well, no matter. I'll be more careful next time.

I'm excited to say that after just two or three days of drinking the juice more frequently through the day, my itchiness has just about disappeared.

The price has gone up, I'm afraid, but then, we often spend $24+ on a bottle of supplements or more on a Rx the doctor gives us, so maybe this is not too unreasonable. At least I know where to turn to when I have a physical problem I can't clear up so easily otherwise.

I can highly recommend the Forever Living Aloe Vera jugs of Juice to you - for healing - and for flavour. Order in USA Order in Canada. If you are in another country, just change the drop-down menu at upper right corner to your country, or the one nearest to you - for speedy delivery.

Blessings & Thanks!

Ruth Marlene Friesen

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