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My Apologies; What Happened,
May 25, 2020

Aloe Vera Tips n' Solutions - May 25, 2020

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 9 #106 May 25, 2020


Taking Care of Ourselves - My Apologies; What Happened
BEFORE Photos of my Flowerbeds and Garden
Contact & Policies

My Apologies; What Happened

I feel I need to give you my apologies and explain what happened. Why the delay in another AVTS issue from me.

I'm still a gardener at heart, though I don't know how many more years I can manage to prepare and tend it.

Last weekend was a holiday weekend for Canadians. It was the queen's birthday on Monday, a week ago. It is known as Victoria Day. (I know my American friends celebrate Memorial Day today and I wish you all the best). Normally, I try to make my garden the Victoria Day weekend in May. However, we'd had some rainy days, and I'd had extra work at the computer to do, so I didn't get the weeds out of the garden, and I really didn't want the man I hire to rototill it to come and turn those big patches of weeds back into the soil. No doubt that would have added nutrition to the soil, but then I'd really have to pull weeds all summer!

Besides, I already bury my kitchen compost regularly in the garden, so the soil is pretty rich, I think. (Mind you, I was checking online last night for the best soil testing kit to buy, so I could make sure.)

At any rate, I spent a couple of hours pulling the weeds, which I'm guessing are Lamb's Quarters, out of the garden on the west side of the path. I filled one large garbage bag full.

I was going to tackle the west side on Wednesday, but as I came out of the back door after breakfast it started to rain and rained all day, with serious thunderstorms in the evening and through the night.

So I allowed Thursday for the garden to dry up a bit. It is fairly sandy soil so I didn't think it would take more than one day. The soil was still wet on Friday, but I went out right after breakfast and stopped exhausted at noon, when I was mostly done. But not quite. (I'd filled 2 more big bags of weeds). My back fractures of last year have weakened me considerably, so I need most of the afternoon to rest and check emails. Before supper I decided that I was ready to go finish the job. And I did! (Filling yet another bag with weeds!)

I came inside and phoned the man with the tiller who came last year, but I had to leave a message. I began to worry that he was too busy tilling gardens and I would not get to make my garden on Saturday. Saturday morning I called again, and left a message. After a while he called back and said the earliest he could come till my garden would be Monday, that is today, late in the afternoon. I mourned the delay, but accepted it.

Over lunch I did a quick grocery run, and then went to do more clean up of the yard and garden, weeding around the perennial plants along the fence, and clearing up some old fence boards and wire between my tent garage and the neighbour's wooden garage. I had promised that neighbour that if he would allow my cousin Gary to dig up the maple sapplings that kept coming up there, I would plant raspberry canes this year in that strip and share them with him and his wife. He liked that idea a lot!

So on Saturday I was determined to clear that area so Rob can till that virgin soil for me too. It would certainly be harder if I had to spade it up. - Well, there was a point when a stab of pain began in my lower left ribs. I began to worry about my heart, so I soon decided I had done as much as needed to be done, aside from raking the east side too.

That evening I had lots of cramps in my lower legs. Nothing would help until I soaked almost an hour in a hot bath. As for my rib pain I decided it was not my heart but a rib fracture down nearer my waist. So I took Sunday off as a day of rest. Yet, even now that stitch is still there, even after taking some painkillers.

I still want to make a garden - after Rob has tilled it thoroughly, plus the strip for the raspberries. However, I'm facing the fact that I will be seeding my garden in short spells over the whole week. Perhaps even over the weekend. I may have to call for a friend or two to come help me.

The Lord has reminded me this morning that when I have challenges, it is an opportunity to lean on Him, and discover that I don't have to go it alone!

So I want to give that to you as a word of encouagement to you as well. You don't have to face hard things alone. Lean heavily on the Lord, and let Him provide human helpers when you need them.

BEFORE Photos of my Flowerbeds and Garden

Say, I do have before photos of my flowerbeds and the garden. I took them last week as I made a post in my RoseBouquet bog/ezine/RSS feed. If you want to go have a peek, see this; Prepping my flowerbeds - garden. My friends there look forward to my garden photos later in the summer when the garden is waist-high in greenery and flowers and vegetables. You might want to watch for those too, but subscribing to the RoseBouquet. (hint-hint!)

Contact & Policies - Constant

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