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What if Your Aloe Vera Plant Freezes?
March 05, 2018

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Vol. 7 #76 March 5, 2018

Taking Care of Ourselves - What if Your Aloe Vera Plant Freezes?
See My Aloe Vera Plants Now!
I Recommend - How to Use Aloe Vera with a Cold
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Taking Care of Ourselves - What if Your Aloe Vera Plant Freezes?

What if your aloe vera plant freezes? This seems to be happening more this winter than usual. Probably because people in parts of the USA that don't normally have freezing temperatures or a number of inches of snow have had exactly that this winter.

I live in the Canadian prairies where winter is a given. In fact, my Dad used to joke that we have, "3 months fall, 6 months winter, 3 months spring, and no summer at all." That is not exactly true, but some years it seems that way. I think of aloe vera as a house plant and don't even try to grow it outdoors.

However, in 2007 when I moved to this little green house, I had tried to sell or give away many of my aloe vera plants from the sunroom where I'd raised them in Dad's house. Out of 76 pots and pails FULL of plants, I ended up bringing 51 here with me. My 610 sq. foot house didn't have enough window space to bring them all in at once, so I had set up a shelf unit in the front porch and put 45 of them there. There were windows on two sides, so they got plenty of light. I had every intention of making room for them before the first frost in fall. But that porch does not get any of the house furnace heat.

The first frost came one night before I was alerted to it, and the next morning all those plants had blackened leaves, which hung limp over the edges of their containers. Oh yuk! What a mess! What a shame!

I left them a few days, hoping they would revive themselves. (I'd had one downstairs in a basement bathroom, without sunlight, and constantly being forgotten when I watered the other plants upstairs, and it stayed green and alive for many months!) But then those frozen plants began to stink. I had to take them to the garden and bury them for compost.

I've had to rebuild from my 6 little aloe vera plants that were indoors, to where now I have 33 and they are beginning to do quite well.

The lesson I learned is that aloe vera plants cannot survive a true frost, meaning below 0 Celsius here in Canada. (Or -32 F).

I've read that some people freeze aloe vera gel in their freezer to use later. So I tried that. Unfortunately, I forgot them for a few weeks, and when I opened the container to defrost and use that gel, it smelled like rotten or spoiled vegetables in the fridge. Therefore, I prefer to have live plants and to just pinch off as much as I need for each individual use. The plant will heal shut the place where I broke off a piece of a leaf.

The problem is; if you have a serious health issue that means you need to be taking aloe vera gel internally 2 or 3 times a day, for weeks on end, then you will soon be out of aloe vera plants. Period. It was this problem that got me to search out and see what there might be in the way of aloe vera products that are pure and healthy, and easy to use.

I have found a number of companies that offer aloe vera products in various forms. I haven't tried every one of them, but the company that appeals to me most, and that has a good range of excellent aloe vera products is Forever Living. Not only that, it is possible to become a Forever Living Business owner and sell these products for a good percentage. Many around the world have found they could make a good living at this.

I signed up in 2011, but I was busy with many other things, and so only ordered occassionally for my own use. Then I gave a tube of the aloe vera lotion that has a natural painkiller in it to a good friend of mine. Soon she was sharing it with her family and friends and started calling me to order more!

Over the last few months I have been wrapping up my projects with a non-profit mission that I had devoted most of my time to for the last ten years and more. I am now gearing up to start promoting the Forever Living Products in earnest. I look forward to proving whether the great testimonials of other Forever Living Business owners will happen to me too. Of course, I will work at it. I don't expect it to happen with the wave of a wand. But I invite you to watch and see what happens to me.

Of course, if you would like to try out the products - or, learn more about the Business opportunity, do contact me. I'll be happy to share links so you can buy or join!

See My Aloe Vera Plants Now!

Would you like to see my aloe vera plants now? I've just put together a photo story page with 22 photos of my aloe vera plants from back in the days when they began to multiply in my parents' sunroom, some of the ones I lost to a hard frost when I moved to this little house, and how, after starting over with six small plants, I now have 33 thriving plants again!

Photos of My Aloe Vera Plants Over the Years

I Recommend - How to Use Aloe Vera with a Cold

Week before last I suddenly came down with a cold. (Really, I'd thought I would make it through the winter without getting sick).Of course, one of my first thoughts was - how to use aloe vera with a cold.

First, I decided to take a day off to be sick, and hopefully get over it faster. It turned out to be 3 and a half days of curling up in the recliner, drinking lots of fluids and blowing my nose over and over and over again!

Here are the remedies I soon tried. I drank herbal teas with honey. I also remembered seeing something online about filling a glass with about 1/3 to 1/2 aloe vera juice, and then mixing in a scoop of ARGI+ (an energy drink that improves the oxygen to the blood), stirring and adding enough water to top it up. I had those ingredients so I made myself at least one or two of those drinks every day.

I also had an arthritic kind of pain in my neck, especially the left side. So, I applied a touch of the Aloe Heat Lotion and massaged it into my neck muscles. Whew! Instant relief!

I was nearly finished with a pouch of Vanilla flavoured Forever Lite. It has all the nutrients needed for a meal replacement. It can be helpful to lose weight, or simply to have a quick meal on the go. Well, I had no appetite for a big meal, but nutrition seemed a wise move, so I mixed up the last few scoops full with yogurt in the blender, and each batch made a meal for me, when I was in no shape to cook anything.

All of these remedies (aside from the herbal teas) were from Forever Living with whom I am a Forever Living Business Owner. I have decided that I must not let myself run out of these products. I believe this week yet, I need to re-order, more jugs of the Bits n' Pieces (peach flavoured) aloe juice, the ARGI+ and the Forever Lite. I still have some extra tubes of the Aloe Heat Lotion, but that is very popular with some of my friends, so I always keep extras on hand when they call. That way I don't have to hold them up while I order more. If you are tossing and turning with a bout of illness, you might want to go to the computer and order these products (or others) as well from this site:

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