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March 04, 2019

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 8 #88 March 4, 2019

Taking Care of Ourselves - Herbal Tea Benefits
Dos and Don'ts for Osteo-Arthritis
I Recommend - Genetic Testing at No Cost to You
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Herbal Tea Benefits

This page is a quick summary of some of the herbal tea benefits from specific plants, that you can check when deciding which herbs to use in making an herbal tea, or times when you want to know what each herb may do for you. I will be doing a full page on many of these herbs, as time allows. When done, the names of those herbs will be linked to that more detailed page.

Alfalfa - Arabs call this the "father of all foods" while westerners treat it as cattle fodder. It is rich in minerals and nutrients, so useful against heart disease and cancer, and good for cystitis or inflammation of the bladder, and rheumatism. It boosts a sluggish appetite, and gives relief from bloating and water retention, and it relieves constipation.

Angelica Root - tonic for stomach troubles, colds, fevers, colic, and strengthens heart. The tea can also be put into eyes and ears as drops, and will help marvelously. Notice that you don't always have to drink to get the herbal tea benefits.

anise in flower and seed

Anise (Star Anise) - helps expel gas, promotes digestion, relieves nausea and abdominal pain, soothes coughs and colds, and helps clear up congestion. It stimulates milk production in nursing mothers, and may reduce menopausal symptoms. It is also a spice, and can help other herbs taste better.

Black Cohosh - relieves menopausal symptoms, and when used as a muscle relaxant, a natural anti-inflammatory treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Devotees love these herbal tea benefits.

That long webpage includes a total of 85 plants, or herbs, or food elements that can be used to make a healthy tea - with a purpose. Go Directly to it to read the rest of the page.

How to make herbal teas

You may be used to simply using tea bags when you want a cup of tea. May I suggest that you will have pleasant surprises if you venture out into making your tea from dried whole leaf teas? Your tea will taste richer, and the health benefits may just become more obvious to you - more quickly.

Real tea is made from camellia sinesis. To be completely accurate, what we know as 'herbal' teas are not really teas but merely an infusion made from the parts of herbs, usually dried ones, because we want to draw the flavours and active ingredients into water so we can drink it. The term 'herbal tea' has become very popular with those concerned about their health. Lots of places online want to sell you their herbal teas.

It is easier now to find detailed information online than it used to be, but some of it may be conflicting, so I urge some caution and discernment. Don't gulp down everything you see as soon as you read it. Keep looking. There may be better information further along.

For your broader search you may want to use the other words for tea, such as tisane, and ptisan. So you may want to combine "herbal tea" with the exact herb's name in your digging.

You can make your own teas (or infusions) by gathering, and drying the right flowers, leaves, and seeds or roots. Place all the herbs, or the combination you want, in a tea ball or tea bag. (This tea bag can be as simple as a patch of muslin gathered up and tied above the bundle of dried leaves, roots or flowers). Pour hot water over the herbs and allow to sit for a while.

The rest of this page goes on to explain how to make tea for one person, for two, or for more. Also to make a good iced tea.

Recipes to Make Herbal Teas

In case you are now eager to find tea recipes for specific health issues, I provide links to other pages on my site that give you exactly those specific answers.

I have some old recipes that have been given to me, for making very basic herbal teas to solve certain health problems or deal with the symptoms. To make it easier for you to narrow your search, I have divided them into separate pages like this;

Tea for Bad Breath (and a few other remedies).
Teas for Easing Colds and Flu Symptoms
Teas for Relieving Digestion Problems
Teas for More Energy and to Aid Memory
Teas to Help You Relax
Teas for Healing Ailments
Teas for Healing which need to be brewed in unique ways.

Personally, through a gift of Chinese Green tea direct from China, I have come to enjoy green tea a lot and begun to explore more and more teas. I still think of myself on a learning curve, but I am amazed at how much I have already learned about dried herbs for teas. There is much more to learn!

I encourage you to let your curiosity guide you into checking out teas and gradually learning more and more about herbal teas.

Dos and Don'ts for Osteo-Arthritis

It seems that the health issues I deal with are quick to inform me when deciding what articles to share here. I've been having arthritic pain in my neck the last few weeks, and so naturally, I'm on a hunt for answers. Hopefully, not involving drugs.

I'll share with you what I've found out so far:

Foods to avoid for arthritis of any kind;
fried foods
white flour
omega 6 acids (egg yokes & red meats)
Dairy products

Home Remedies:
Hot and/or cold compresses (which to choose often depends on the individual, and sometimes on the particular type of pain).
Epsom salt baths.... (I've bad some bad experiences in the past, such as getting a kidney stone from the epsom salt I absorbed, so I won't try that again)
Topical ointments and creams (Heat Aloe!) where capsaicin is the active ingredient. Oh, I can recommend this highly! (Read more HERE about Heat Aloe!)
. Green tea - keeps free radicals under control, reduces risk of cancer, and helps prevent heart disease. I find it also gives me some energy, and keeps my digestive system even-keeled.
Ginger - besides being a food spice, it relieves nausea and restores appetite.
Turmeric - a warm spice used in curries, which is really popular right now, but there are some cautions. I just keep some in a spice bottle by the stove and sprinkle some onto my stir-fry dishes.

Foods to seek out:
Fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout) - they have omega 3 and Vitamin D
Garlic - yes! I like to chop up a clove for just about any dish I cook on the stove, or in the crockpot.
Ginger - I keep that on hand like my salt and pepper too.
Broccoli - a good dark green vegetable!
Walnuts - A handful may be an effective weight loss tool. Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other substances and, in moderation, have been linked to reduced risk of obesity and diabetes. They may also efficiently reduce appetite. I want to research and try and learn more about this!
Berries - Oh I love just about all berries! (Let's forget gooseberries!)
Spinach - good dark greens!
Grapes - (and grape seeds extract) - I buy them whenever I can afford them.
Olive oil - liking it better now that I use it regularly.
Tart cherry juice - (my choice is chokecherry pulp - mixed in yogurt).

Try some Neck Exercises

I discover that there are some neck exercises to do, with the proviso that we stop if we encounter pain beyond some minimal discomfort. I confess that I spend many, many hours in front of my desktop computer, and my head is usually angled downward When I get tired my head easily hangs down limp. So I see the value of doing these exercises for stretching my neck. My current concern is to make a firm schedule for these exercises, and to do them them faithfully three or four times a day until I see real results.

So far I've found two exercises; one to move the head forward for 5 to 10 seconds, then to retract the head and neck as far as they can go. The second is to roll the shoulders up, forward, and down fluidly five times. This limbers up the connections of the neck to the rest of the skeleton.

Those all make sense, as do the food lists and home remedies above, As we know, the secret to success is always in the self-discipline and repetitions. (Sigh!) When we win there, the rest becomes easy!

If you have some tried and true dos and don'ts for osteo-arthritis, I'd be glad to hear from you!

I Recommend - Genetic Testing at No Cost to You

Just this past week I learned of something exciting. I have signed up to help promote this. Unfortunately, it is only accessible to Americans. So I just became a GSA (Genetic Screening Agent) with CareFreeNow. We are on a mission to eliminate preventable Cancer and Medication related deaths via industry leading genetic testing kits. We are currently providing these completely free of cost to qualifying patients. If you have some family history of cancer, I really think you will benefit from this. Like I said, this has NO cost to you and will never even be asked for a credit card or any payment information. I am authorized to give away up to 12 kits this week. Let me know if you think you'd qualify for this test and I can share more details with you.

I will provide you with a link to fill out an application form. Then a doctor will phone you to confirm your data. The doctor will be the one to say whether you qualify for the genetic test. If you agree, you login at the same place as the application form and check off that yes, you are willing to receive the swab sample kit. It will arrive in the mail to you. Simply follow the instructions to swab the inside of your check, and put it in the tube with the purple liquid. Put it into the mailing envelope provided and send it back to the lab. A doctor will call you again, once they have the results to explain them to you. You can then take that information to your current family doctor if further steps need to be taken.

In all of this you will never be asked for a single penny. The whole point is to catch all cancers early enough to nip in the bud before you need to have all kinds of surgeries and maybe even lose your life. Since late stage surgeries cost thousands of dollars, these preventive steps should save you and the government thousands upon thousands of dollars - should you be found to be at risk.

To reach me, and ask for that Application link, just hit Reply to this email. (Feel free to delete the whole ezine, so only your comments show; I already have a copy of this ezine :) )

You may include the full name and email of some relative or friend who might be at risk for cancer, and would would appreciate the link, as long as you ask their permission first. I promise to use it ONLY for sending that link out.

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