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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions - Genital Warts
June 01, 2015

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 4 #42 June 1, 2015

Taking Care of Ourselves - Gential Warts
A Practical Tip/Solution - 4 Practical Wart Remedies
I Recommend - Info at Gluten Free Society
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Gential Warts

As Father's Day falls in June, it is often a good month to focus on problems peculiar to men; I've found one the men are often hesitant to discuss openly. Genital warts scare a lot of men. They admit to being too shy to ask their doctors for help, and if they do, they end up with expensive prescriptions that don't help. On some forums I noticed that the testimonials generally agree that apple cider vinegar helps. It stings but clears up the warts in a few days. Aloe vera was also recommended by someone,and found to be more gentle but slower in complete healing.

Jethro Kloss in his book, Back to Eden, (you knew I'd check in there too, didn't you?) extols the wonders of figs, both the fruit and the leaves for a number of physical problems. He advised to cut open a fruit in half and lay the cut sides down on a boil, carbuncle (or wart) for great relief.

He wrote too, "When the fruit is broken off the tree before it is ripe, a milk escapes which has wonderful healing properties. It may be put on sores and boils. If this milk is put freely on warts, it removes them. The tea is also excellent to wash old sores. The leaves boiled in Crisco make an excellent ointment."

Of course, I must hurry to add that I have NO experience using figs, or eating them other than the odd Fig Newton bars or cookies Dad used to buy years ago. I do recall that a cousin said she had brought on the sudden birth of her daughter by eating figs, but I doubt that makes a rule to live by.

On the other hand, I do sense a strong possibility that there are answers to these problems in aloe vera, apple cider vinegar (which I splash into my bath just to take care of itchy skin), and this idea of figs. So if you try out the figs, would you do me a favour and write me about your results. I think it would be fun to put such testimonials on my website. More than one would make me feel more confident about sharing these stories, so the more the better!

One doctor wrote that he sees 1-3 men a week with complaints of severe prostatitis, which has some related symptoms on this forum.

Another man suffered tremendous symptoms and tried all kinds of medications and remedies. Finally, he found out that if he cut out gluten products in his diet, it cleared up his symptoms completely! A few other men on that forum confirmed that this worked for them too.

We may need to talk more about gluten one day, but notice that sometimes the cure lies not so much in what you apply to the problem, but what you cut out of your lifestyle or diet. That is, you're dealing with the root cause, instead of just symptoms.

A Practical Tip/Solution - 4 Practical Wart Remedies

4 Practical wart remedies mentioned above;
1. Soak clumps of cotton batten in apple cider vinegar and apply to warts. Wrap with bandages to stay in place over night.

2. Apply aloe vera gel to warts, and drink daily aloe vera juice of a high concentration. (The bottles in the stores are mostly water; I recommend Forever Living juices as they contain 100% stabilized aloe vera gel).

3. Buy figs in your grocery store, cut in halves or quarters and apply as a wart remedy. If you find some where you can squeeze out some milk, try that too.

4. Doctors can test you for gluten allergies, but you can do your own tests by reading up on this problem, finding out what foods have gluten, and avoid them for a few weeks. This will include breads, beer, and many other things made with whole grain, as gluten is part of the kernel of wheat.

I Recommend - Info at Gluten Free Society

I've just spent the morning exploring gluten free eating and living. There's much info at Gluten Free Society.

Wow! There is lots more amazing stuff out there. I may have derailed a bit into raw food diets, but it is hard to decide what to recommend here now without overwhelming you. I think I'll be writing more informative pages for my website, now that I've started learning more than I ever knew before through my nephew's celiac's disease or my mom's time in gluten-free eating. (She hated it!)

Let me suggest you go meet the people at the Gluten Free Society. They have a lot of great info, and video testimonials of people whose lives have been tremendously changed: Gluten Free Society for starters.

I trust you women find something useful there too; though I don't doubt but that you may know a man to whom you can pass the earlier information.

Blessings & Thanks!

Ruth Marlene Friesen

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