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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions - Missing B12?
July 06, 2015

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 4 #43 July 6, 2015

Taking Care of Ourselves - Missing Vitamin B12
A Practical Tip/Solution - Gluten Aware Doctor
I Recommend - Sherry Brescia
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Missing Vitamin B12

Where did Mom's missing vitamin B12 go? That was the big riddle in my mother's life the year I was trying to pass all my grade twelve exams, AND manage the house while Mom was in hospital.

I've just had the most amazing education through a Youtube video about vitamin B12. Honestly, I was flabbergasted! My Mother was tossed by a cow before I started school, brought in and put on her bed to die. When she didn't die in a few days, the family took her to a hospital, and then she was transferred to the bigger University hospital in Saskatoon, where they did some emergency surgeries to ease her suffering.

No one expected her to pull through, but she was a strong-willed woman! She was determined to see her children grow up. Mom did recover remarkably, but had poor health all the rest of her life. I, as the eldest of five children, saw much of it, but didn't understand all the medical stuff in the background. In 1983 I moved home to care for my parents in their old age. Particularly, Mom. She had got so weak and frail that she couldn't do much of anything at all. That's when I learned a lot more about her health issues as I took her to doctor appointments, learned home nursing care on the fly, and became her advocate.

But the video I saw recently explained so much from a medical standpoint, that I feel my eyes are finally opened to understand what she was going through.

In my school years Mom was in and out of hospital for this or that, and I lost track of what all the problems were. However, during those later caregiver years I compiled a medical history to hand over when we appeared in emergency to save us trying to recall it all off the top of our heads. That history was two sides of a legal-length sheet of paper, in a small computer font, and it listed Mom's 15 surgeries, plus all the hospital stays and crises we could put together, partly from Gr'ma's diaries, for she had recorded each time Mom was in hospital. (Gr'ma also had my youngest sister to care for until she was school-age, Monday through Friday. I had my little sister on the weekends).

When I was in grade twelve Mom was in hospital for three weeks to three days each month. Mainly she seemed to be losing blood but the doctors couldn't find where it was disappearing too. They couldn't find any internal bleeding. So they spent about a year giving her blood transfusions and trying to solve the mystery of the disappearing blood.

. . . .Sorry! I got carried away, and wrote a longer page on this on my website. You can read the results and see a photo of my Mom on this page; Missing Vitamin B12.

A Practical Tip/Solution - Gluten Aware Doctor

Getting those specialized tests by your local gluten aware doctor, such as Dr. Osborne provides his patients would be our first goal if we have any of these symptoms. But you may not be able to dash off to Sugarland, Texas, so easily. Well, Dr. Osborne shows a list other doctors and clinics that do similar work to what he does on the Gluten Free Society website.

Follow this link: Gluten Free Society, then mouse over GF Doctors and click on the second item, "Find a Doctor" to see if there is a clinic near you.

There are none of these gluten aware doctors shown to be in Canada, but there are good clinics scattered all across the USA. You may find one in driving distance from you. At least, I hope you do. It would be kind of you to let me know what you find, if you go to one of them.

I Recommend - Sherry Brescia

Sherry Brescia is a woman who has suffered serious digestive problems in her lifetime. But she was a nurse and decided to research this and find the solution. She now teaches her findings and offers some e-books to explain just how you can create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family. You do it by carefully choosing what foods to eat together, and which ones not to eat at the same mealtime.

I started doing this on a loose basis when I first read her materials, and noticed a difference right away.

Sherry says "1 out of 4 Americans has digestive problems and many get only limited relief from medications, while also suffering side effects." Her Holistic Blends offers natural solutions to help promote sound digestion and optimal health using the power of the right diet and supportive, high quality supplements. These work for gluten intolerance too. I suggest you look up her site; Holistic Blends and sign up for her free newsletter. You'll get a lot of great information on a daily basis.

Of course, you might want to buy her books too, (Great Taste - No Pain, & Great Taste - no Gluten), or the supplements, and find relief for your digestive problems simply by changing when and how you eat your meals. It's astonishing!

Blessings & Thanks!

Ruth Marlene Friesen

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