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God's Pharmacy - One You Can Afford,
July 03, 2019

Aloe Vera Tips n' Solutions - July 3, 2019

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 8 #92 July 3, 2019

God's Pharmacy - One You Can Afford

I think of the many healing herbs and plants around us as God's pharmacy for our good health. What's more it does not cost as much as the pharmacy in the drugstore.

Aloe vera is probably the most potent plant for healing so many things, and this plant has gained popularlity around the world, but God planted it here centuries ago. We are not the first generation to discover its many uses.

There's so much more though! In Genesis God says that He has provided plants for our food and medicine, and the more I explore the benefits of various plants the more I find this to be true. The most obvious products I've discovered in God's Pharmacy, are plants like plantain, (heals and cleanses the body, stops bleeding, etc.), mint (refreshing in teas and salads, and eases bowel gas), calendula, (great in ointments for skin conditions, also teas), comfrey, (also good in topical skin aids, and heals varicose veins, bruises, etc), and so on. There's much to learn!

That's another wonderful feature of God's Pharmacy; you don't have to pay like you do for prescriptions, and you can't get access through health insurance, but you have to make the effort to learn. If you are afraid to experiment, you can stick to what others have explored and learned, but you need to study up on their discoveries. So a commitment of your time and some faith in the reputation and words of others is required. Unless, of course, you have such a personal relationship with the Lord God, that you cam just ask and He will point out which plants to chooses from His Pharmacy.

Ah, that means time in prayer - another good thing!

I want to wish all my American readers a great July 4th - Independence Day Celebration tomorrow!

Secondly, I thank Bob, a subscriber, who sends encouragement and helpful suggestions! He has suggested I send the Aloe Vera Tips n' Solutions out more frequently but with just one short article instead of three. I am now going to switch to this plan, but beg your patience as I try to work this into my weekly routine. It may arrive just every other week for a while, and then gradually go to every Monday. I was helping a friend on Monday, and so sacrificed the time I had intended to write and publish this issue.

I've done some brainstorming and will try to alternate short items on aloe vera with other issues about some herbal remedy. About every fifth issue will recommend something that I think is worth looking at.

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