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January 07, 2019

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 8 #86 January 7, 2019

Taking Care of Ourselves - A Healthy Business With Aloe Vera
A Healthy Business for Feet and the Nervous System
I Recommend - My Scavenger Hunt
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A Healthy Business With Aloe Vera

I think you have an interest in heath and wellness, and perhaps you have resolved to start a home business this year. If that is the case, I have a timely suggestion for you. Forever Living is the very best source of aloe vera products in the world. The company was begun over 40 years ago with the aim of helping ordinary people make a living, and thousands have!

I was showing a friend this company online the other day, and she cringed as she thought she could not afford to sign up. I was happy to point out that there is no cost to sign up.

Of course, they have incentatives for ordering a starter kit. If you can keep ordering a certain number of case credits (cc) on a regular basis your standing rises and your get a larger discount on your own orders, and a larger commission on the sales of your customers and team members.

When my friend saw that they also have essential oils she got more excited at the potential. She is handicapped, so not able to get out among people much. However, she has a website, and she would be able to write about essential oils and recommend them from her website with links to her Forever Store. It is a small start, and is exactly what makes this a great idea for anyone, no matter hw small your start.

With small starts, and with perseverance over the long haul, it is possible to become one of the thousands that have become millionaires over about five years.

If you wish to sign up under me and have me for your cheerleader, supervisor, I suggest you go crawl all over the Forever website starting from here, Forever in USA or, here: Forever in Canada. - Note: if you live in another country, contact me by email first, and I'll give you a specific link for your country's Forever location, or the closest one to you, and still have me for your supervisor and cheerleader.

A Healthy Business for Feet and the Nervous System

Another Wellness company that is about a year and a half old, and growing by leaps and bounds is VoxxLife. It started in Canada, but already has offices and a warehouse in the USA, and is impressing people from all walks of life. Naturally, they are careful not to promise terrific cures but the testimonials of people who have found a tremendous change are rather breath-taking.

Jay Dhaliwal wanted to help his mother who had multiple scerlosis (MS) and researched for six years before he discovered what a profound effect the massaging of certain nerves in our feet can have on all the nervous systems in our body. We cannot have a reflexologist working on our feet 24/7, but he devised socks with special weaving in the soles that could do that and have almost instant effect on people with all kinds of neuological issues. Just weeks ago, Jay came out with a patch that can be worn on the forearm for 24 hours and have a similar effect. More products are to come out in 2019!

It costs $40/year to sign up with VoxxLife as an associate. You are able to buy at a discount and sell products for retail prices, or you can promote their website and have your customers buy from your coded replicated website, and you will get the commissions.

VoxxLife is terrific business idea for anyone with an interest in helping people with issues in balance, stability, energy needs, stamina, and so much more. It is hard not to get excited when talking about these things. Again, I suggest you go over the VoxxLife website. Read every page. Study the scientific diagrams. You may not understand it all, but will see enough to be blown away.

I Recommend - My Scavenger Hunt

Why am I describing these business opportunities in the health and wellness field?

Well, I had an idea years about about leading people on a fun kind of Scavenger Hunt game online, teaching them as we went along interesting things about certain websites that they might not discover on their own. At that time I didn't have enough technological wits to make it happen and couldn't afford a web developer. However, about two years ago I realized I did know enough, or knew that there were free plugins that would help me to create such a game. I had to finish off a commitment to write a history book for the Christian Mission I had been working with since 1999. That project took much longer than I had first anticipated, so I put this Scavenger Hunt idea on the back burner, but kept getting more and more ideas for it whenever I let my imagination loose.

The history book was done in October 2017, but then I took the volunteer job of putting all the old photos into neatly organized albums. That grew like Topsy, and dragged on and on (but is nearly done now!) In the meantime I set certain blocks of time to work on the e-book which would be the prize. It is called "40 Online Business Ideas." I worked out the Scavenger Hunt details, had a friend sketch eight Guides that would show the visitors from site to site, and then have them answer 4 quiz questions after each stop.

I was quite sure it was all done before Christmas and I asked some friends to try it out. Soon I saw that the quiz answers were coming to me, but did not identify who had provided them. Oops! So I've been scrambling the last couple of weeks to get that all fixed. I do believe it is ready now! At last! - So, I'm inviting YOU to try it out and see what you think. The two businesses described above are included, but there are five more in the game.

Here is the starting point: My Scavenger Hunt. If you find something is not working right, or you have trouble understanding some section of my writing, do please let me know. I want to fix all those things before I start marketing in earnest and get mobs coming through the game!

The plan is that those who sign up will be on my eAction mailing list where I can send regular emails with a course of articles on how to start and operate an online business. (I am assuming that many will sign up who have no previous experience or training).

So yes, today I recommend my Scavenger Hunt. I hope you will find it enlightening, and entertaining too.

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