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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Healthy Resolutions
January 04, 2016

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 4 #50 January 4, 2016

Taking Care of Ourselves - Healthy Resolutions
A Practical Tip/Solution - How to Avoid Colds and Flu
I Recommend - My Christmas Mail
Contact & Policies

Taking Care of Ourselves - Healthy Resolutions

Did all that festive eating at your family gatherings drive you to make healthy resolutions on New Year's Day? It's rather predictable, isn't it? We almost dread to make those resolutions because we recall how quickly we lost the motivation and focus to carry through with them other years.

May I make some suggestions that will make it easier to keep those healthy resolutions?

First, let's call them goals. Just because we announce a healthy resolution on New Year's Day doesn't mean we will instantly do that thing, and never slip up. If it is a goal, however, we will understand in our sub-conscious that we are to work towards it, and it may take some time to actually attain that goal.

Since I don't want to put someone else on the spot, I'll use myself as an example. I've outlined three areas where I want to improve;

my posture - (I've noticed that I slouch to the left, leaning on my left elbow a lot at the computer, now my spine is curving that way)

I want a more stable, reliable digestive system - this means studying my diet and eating habits and making subtle changes.

eat more vegetables - (I'm partial to fruits) - this may mean gradually working one or two vegetables in at regular times until I see benefits, and form new habits.,

Business dreams and goals for this year absorb my attention too, but I'll discretely keep them to myself - lest you think I'm terribly ambitious.

Well, maybe I could mention one item; I would like to make many more sales of Forever Living products. The more I try them, the more enthused I become. What I haven't figured out yet, is just how I'll fit that in with some other business ventures that are going to eat up a lot of my time. But my Mom used to say, "Where there's a will - there's a way." So if I really figure it out, it can still happen. Perhaps in small stages over several years.

Now, are you ready to take another look at those healthy resolutions - umm, goals of yours? Outline what you would like to accomplish by the end of the year, and then organize your life so that you will work at these goals and help them to come to pass. Don't treat them like wishes you tell to a genie, who then delivers them to you in a puff of smoke.

The more practical and wise your action steps, the more likely you are to see your resolutions become accomplishments by January 1, 2017.

A Practical Tip/Solution - How to Avoid Colds and Flu

Dr. Peter Osborne, whom I have mentioned before, suggests a simple way for how to avoid colds and flue altogether. This involves no shots in your arm. However, there are certain conditions under which you should not try this. It is contraindicated in people with kidney disease, sarcoidosis, or high blood calcium levels. If you have a kidney disease or abnormally high blood calcium, you should contact your doctor before attempting this therapy.

None of those problems? Then, here's want to do; the amount is determined by your weight range. So, for Adults under 150 pounds and for Children . . .

Start with 1,000 IU of vitamin D per pound of body weight for three days. Afterward reduce by half for three days. For example: A 100 pound person would take 2 (50,000 IU) capsules for three days followed by 1 (50,000 IU) capsule for three days.

After that? Nothing. You should be immune for the next six months. Isn't that good news? Fortunately, Vitamin D, is one of the cheapest supplement to buy. So it doesn't cost much to try this out for yourself. Just so long as you don't have kidney disease,, sarcoidosis, or high blood calcium. And, this is not for babies.

Would you like to read up some more from this Dr. Peter Osborne? Here is his website

I Recommend - My Christmas Mail

A month ago, December 7, I didn't have my Christmas mail ready yet. I produced nearly a hundred cards and letters for friends and relatives, particularly those not so internet savvy. Then on Christmas Eve, I sent out many emails with a link to the digital edition of my Christmas mail online. But last night I discovered some more that I had missed. So I guess my Christmas mail is not quite ready to put away for good yet. :)

Would you like to read my Christmas mail? Here you go:

On that page, after a bit of an introduction, are two links. Click each to read that document online, or your can right-click to save it to your computer first. They are two separate PDF files. One is my Annual Christmas letter. (Don't worry, it doesn't name a lot of people that you don't know). The other is my Christmas card, which this year looks like a brochure. (That's because I wanted to use some lines from a Christmas carol that our ESL choir was learning, and I couldn't settle on just one stanza, so I used the whole thing!).

I have a new online venture that I'm quite excited about, but I'll take a month to explore and try it out before I show it to you. But I want to wish you bountiful blessings in 2016! May it be the best year you have ever had!

Blessings & Thanks!

Ruth Marlene Friesen

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