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What Authority Do I Have, ?
January 20, 2020

Aloe Vera Tips n' Solutions - January 20, 2020

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 9 #99 January 20, 2020

Taking Care of Ourselves - What Authority Do I Have?
Clean Sweeping in 2020
Contact & Policies

What Authority Do I Have?

What authority do I have to give advice in the health and wellness field?

I just learned in the last few days, that Google is cracking down on people who have health and wellness websites, and attempt to be an expert in this field without having any professional authority to speak on these topics.

Well!! I never dreamed that I'd have to be a highly educated expert to rave about my favourite health remedies and products.

As I've thought about this, I'm more convinced that I AM an authority over my own personal experiences, and there is nothing wrong with quoting other authorities. I'm fairly sure I don't purport to be a great authority on my website, I just share about the things that interest me personally, and I know that others appreciate that. I'm no great physican or multi-degreed researcher.

However, I've decided to be fair, and to go over every page of my website over the weeks of this winter to make sure I don't overshoot my true authority as one speaking from my personal experience, or in quoting others, who are bigger authorities in the medical field.

With that in mind, I invite you, my readers, to let me know if you see a place where I write as if I'm a more educated and trained expert than what I really am. I'll be sure to take an extra close look at that page.

Clean Sweeping in 2020

Have you heard the old proverbs, "A new broom sweeps clean."?

I see myself as a broom (maybe not brand new), but with a goal to do clean sweeping in 2020. More specifically, I'm going to downsize the stuff in my basement over the next four months. By that time spring will be here and I'll want to work in the garden in my free time.

You see, when Dad died in 2007, I had to clean up his home and estate before I could fully settle down in this tiny little green house in the city. We had an estate auction sale, but the auctioneer didn't bother to sell a lot of the stuff, and I didn't have time to try to do it piecemeal from that house. It was sold and the new owners wanted to move in. So.... I had to truck all that stuff over here and stash it in the 2/3 basement under this little house.

(I almost feel like I ought brag on how resourceful I was in building shelving units with Dad's old spare 2x4s and barn boards, and then in moving them from one corner to another until I laid the ceramic tiles that Dad had left me, on the basement floor. That took me three winters! But I won't go there right now.)

It was the month of cleaning up my brother Tom's apartment in April last year, that convinced me that I didn't want to leave that kind of huge job to someone else, if I should die suddenly. Therefore, I have resolved to spend my Saturdays over the months of January, February, March and April - plus some spare minutes during the weeks between - to go through all that stuff, and see what I can sell, give away or dispose of as recycleables or garbage.

I've made a good start over the last three Saturdays. I've cleared off a make-shift table in front of the shelves on the south side, setting some items in the front porch to be ready for a spring yard or garage sale, and tossing some stuff into boxes for recycled papers, and repacking the rest in a more condensed fashion. These early activities have given me a stronger desire to clear things up and reduce by at least a third or more.

Right now I'm in more danger of tossing out stuff that I should save... but... we'll see. I just hope I don't fracture another vertebrae in my back!

What about you? Do you ever do a thorough cleanse of your possessions? Do you find making those final decisions is hard? Or do you get on a roll and clean up more and more with a warrior-like attitude?

If you have bits of wisdom to share in this kind of project, I'm open to hearing from you about that. :)

P.S. Did you now that with this issue of the Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions (AVTS), I am entering my nineth year publishing this ezine. How time flies, eh?

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