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Can You Get Christmas Arthritis?
January 01, 2018

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 7 #74 January 1, 2018

Taking Care of Ourselves - The Year of the New YOU
How Jethro Kloss Influenced Me
I Recommend - Forever Living Products
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Happy New Year!

Taking Care of Ourselves - The Year of the New YOU

Guess what: this might be the year of the new you!

I don't recall where I first heard or read this, but our body's cells are constantly being replenished with new ones, and it has been said that every seven years we sort of have a brand new body. Not that we shed or step out of our older body and into a new one. It happens so gradually as we grow and age, that we may never really notice it.

Now that this thought has come back to me, I'm having a little fun with it in my imagination. Do you suppose we've had a completely new body when we were 7, and 14, and 21? Since this transformation happens so imperceptibly I don't know if we can pin it down to an exact date. However, if it should be so - how many new bodies have you had? :)

Let's follow this to another thought: if our body is constantly rebuilding itself, what if we can help it to get better than it has been? If we eat healthy food, deliberately plan to exercise more, and guard our minds from depressing and filthy thoughts, steering our minds instead to cheerful, creative thinking and learning new things...what if we will have a much better body by the time our next 7th cycle is complete?

I tell you, friend, this prospect puts me in a great mood. Just last week I was plotting my new lifestyle for 2018 because I'm wrapping up some big projects that I had committed to in the past, and I'm excited at my dreams of the next phase of my life - where I plan to throw myself gungho into a wholehearted life as an online entrepreneur. Yes, a business woman!

I've been paying attention to some webinars and e-books, and learning about something called "Attraction Marketing." This is where I brand myself - meaning I bring out my most friendly personality and woo people to follow and my example. This way, instead of begging people to do business with me, they will be asking me if they can join me and learn from me. (Ah, how I love to teach!) I've started a number of online businesses, including my aloe vera and handy herbs website, but I never really understood marketing well enough to succeed to the degrees I would like. Now, by applying these strategies I can visualize succeeding at all of them. Whoopee!

However, I realize that all this succeed will do me no good if I let my body suffer neglect and poor care. Therefore, I have prepared myself a little plan for better health and strength. Before I share it I want to try it for a while to see if it is workable, but I can mention that it includes some brief exercises for 2 or 3 minutes at a time, several times a day, and some menu changes. In the winter I will shovel snow, and in the summer work in the garden.

What about you? What kind of body do you want by your next 7th year?

P.S. Guess what: this issue is the first of year 7 for the Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions ezine!

How Jethro Kloss Influenced Me

Jethro Kloss, in his wonderful reference book, Back To Eden, wrote about the many naturally healing herbs and plants he had studied and of which he discovered their healing properties. He shocked me when he said that whatever illness we have, there will be a plant growing in our neighbourhood, perhaps in our own back yard, which is a good remedy for that ailment. Only, we maybe trying to eradicate those plants as weeds, instead of accepting them as our healing herbs - our medicine. I've found him to be right about aloe vera and pretty well every other herb I've looked into and experimented with.

Since I read that book in the mid-1980s, after hearing about it from an older woman in the nursing home where I visited my Gra'ma Kroeker, I have tried to find these herbs, harvest them, and see if they do what Jethro Kloss said. It is uncanny how often he is proved right!

The time has come - as one woman said, when she came to buy one of my extra large aloe vera plants - for me to share this information with others. I can understand that you don't have time to study Back to Eden and try out Kloss's recipes and references over many years, so on this site I try to distill that information and make it easier to zero in on what you are looking for.

Read more:

I Recommend - Forever Living Products

You may recall, or have noticed that I am a small scale distributor, or now we are called "Forever Living Business Owners". Because of all my time commitments to the non-profit mission I have worked with for the last 18 years, and more earnestly the last 10 years, I've been rather low-key with my marketing of these products.

Not because I have anything against them. Rather, I think they are of the highest quality and there are many excellent points about them. It has been mainly because of lack of time, and an upline that makes NO effort to help train me. I have been thrilled that I could join for free, and after ordering a certain amount of products I gained the privilege of getting them for 35% discount.

I shared a tube of the Aloe Heat Lotion with a friend, and it has taken off. She now orders more several times a year and has introduced it to her friends, so she often asks for extra tubes on their behalf. Just a little smear of the lotion on a spot where there is muscle pain causes the pain to evaporate away in seconds!

Little by little I've ordered a few other products to try out and I've become more enthused about them. You can expect to see me become more enthusiastic about Forever Living products this year. Not that I plan to bop you on the head with more ads. Instead, I'm going to rave about them more on my website, and let folks know (here too), what I like about them.

The Company website has lots of training videos. I'll have to make it my business to learn how to do these things on my own. At the same time, I'm resolving to be a better - more helpful upline to those who might want to sign up under me to become "Forever Living Business Owners".

Incidentally... I''I've read that those who really work at this business can be a millionaire in about 5 years. I may be a little divided because of other business ventures, but I am curious to find out if that is so!

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