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Thank You, Bob and Michelle!
February 03, 2020

Aloe Vera Tips n' Solutions - February 3, 2020

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 9 #100 February 3, 2020

Taking Care of Ourselves - Thank You, Bob and Michelle!
Contact & Policies

Thank You, Bob and Michelle!

Bob and Michelle responded to my questions in the last AVTS issue, when I asked, What authority do I have to give advice in the health and wellness field? This was because Google is cracking down on people who have health and wellness websites, and attempt to be an expert in this field without having any professional authority to speak on these topics.

I was so pleased to discover two readers had actually heard my questions and took time to answer. Bob sent a sample Disclaimer I can put on my site to let people know that I am not a health professional; I'm just writing based on my personal experiences and discoveries as I research topics related to my personal health. I certainly plan to do this! I just haven't got to it as ...well, maybe I'm like the woman who lived in a shoe, and had so many children, she didn't know what to do.... (remember that nursery rhyme? :))

In my case I've never been married and never had kids of my own, though I've prided myself on being the best Auntie possible. My busy-ness is not due to children, but trying to run about 8 online activities at once. I try to be super-organized, but things happen, including two funerals to attend in a week... and so on.

Michelle from California wrote to say she could identify with me in the matter of downsizing, - or sweeping clean - as she has her Mom's stuff (I'm assuming she's passed away too), and also of her daughters (who may have left for college, or starting their own homes, etc., but left their stuff behind). Michelle is also plagued by these eternal questions about how much to save for sentimental reasons, and what to get rid of.

I'm starting to ask myself, "If I haven't needed this in the 12 1/2 years I've lived here, am I really going to use this in the next 12-13 years?"

Also, I tell myself that it doesn't all have to go in the garbage. If the item still has life and value in it, I can sell it or give it away to a friend, or donate it to charity. With just these questions and answers I have been able to clear off a number of shelves in the storage areas along one wall of my basement.

I've dragged up a number of boxes to sit where it is warmer and I can sit in my comfortable chair, as I go through the stuff inside the box or bin to grade each item for value or not. I've already filled one large box with cards and letters and mail that needs to be burned (to avoid ID theft), and several early drafts of my novel. I'm a little behind the pace I had hoped to set for myself, but the gaps on the barn-board shelves in the basement are an encouragement to me!

Just yesterday I had a friend over for a Sunday afternoon visit. She is starting to building minature dioramas (maybe even doll houses), which she wants to fill with small scale dolls, furniture, etc. When I mentiond that I might have several bins full of fabric remnants for her, she got quite excited. I know she doesn't have room in her apartment for all of that stuff, but I can sure unload some of it on her. My crafting days are mostly behind me.

As for being an expert on my website, Michelle's advice was to tell people to make up their own minds; that I'm not deciding for them. I'm just sharing what I've learned and found useful. That is good advice. I think I'll make that plain on every page.

So thank you, Michelle, and thanks Bob, for your helpful suggestions.

I happen to know that my old template for my website, with the three columns, is intended for desktops only. I need to find a good template that works on smart phones as well, or can adapt to whatever device is used to visit the site. So a lot of my editing work for the individual pages is on hold until I can figure that new template out.

Contact & Policies - Constant

CONTACT INFO: Ruth Marlene Friesen (306)856-7785
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That is just the kind of security we enjoy at SBI)

POLICIES: I am definitely against S/p/a/m! I Will NOT share your
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