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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Train Your Mind
February 01, 2016

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 5 #51 February 1, 2016

Taking Care of Ourselves - Train Your Mind
A Practical Tip/Solution - Shingles Symptoms
I Recommend - INFINii
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Train Your Mind

You can train your mind, which resides in your brain, a unique muscle, but not so much training with physical calisthenics, actually.

No doubt you've heard that if you don't "use it, you lose it" - most often referring to physical muscles. This also applies to our minds to the degree that If we do not USE them, we shall lose our mental or brain capacities. In your effort to keep fit, you need to exercise your mind. (Not your brain directly; it is just the organ your mind resides in). Do you know how to train it?

It is vital to train your mind to concentrate. Before you do that though, you should calm and unclutter it. Three ways to do that are. . . .

(1) a walk or physical exercise that brings in oxygen will help to calm your brain muscle,
(2) to unclutter it, turn aside from the little stuff that has been crowding in and nagging you,
(3) get away to a quiet, peaceful place and give yourself permission to relax, ready to focus on just one thing.

Train Your Mind to Concentrate>

To be truly useful, you must train your mind to have skills of concentration. You will not always need to be super intensely focused. Your imagination, for instance, is much more playful, but if you are to manage your mind and make it most productive, you will need to concentrate.

So practice concentration by focusing carefully on some small matter, such as a jigsaw puzzle, or some other puzzle or problem to solve. A Rubic's Cube would do fine too.

One good exercise for training your mind to read silently and try to grasp the key thought of each sentence - even if we are not sounding out every word and syllable in our head. This will lead to reading faster and faster, but without losing comprehension. Our mind will fill in the small article words - when we let it.

Another way is to try hard to learn something new, such as a language, mathematical exercises, or to memorize passages of Scripture. Don't worry, we have plenty of room in our mind to store all we want to stash there. We have more brain cells than we can ever use - even if you train your mind to the ultimate.

I once heard a man say in a seminar, that as a child he had found elementary school very difficult. But in high school he was persuaded to take up Bible memory work, and by the time he was ready for college he was a National Honors Student in the USA. The memorization had improved his mind to the point where it affected all his other learning!

[. . . Note: this was suppose to be a short, light-hearted reminder to exercise our mind. However, as I got into it, this became a longer article with some serious conclusions. I've turned it into a webpage on my site. If you want to read the whole full-length article, please go here; Train Your Mind.]

A Practical Tip/Solution - Shingles Symptoms

If you had Chicken pox as a child (do you recall that sickness with the itchy spots all over your body?) - you may be re-infected as an adult. Then it is known as shingles, and it will be somewhat different. But we can get itchy skin from many causes; how can we tell if we have an out-break of shingles?

1. Before the rash breaks out you will likely have a tingling numbness
2. it will appear either on the left half of your body, or the right half, but normally, not both sides.
3. You may have nausea, and even vomiting.
4. You may have deep muscle pain in those common areas, lower back, armpit, and under a breast.
5. Red itchy patches will appear where you had the numbness and muscle pain.
6. Headaches and high temperatures, and chills are not uncommon. You might mistake them for the flu.
7. Extreme tiredness and just plain feeling awful can follow.
8. Soreness and tenderness in head, chest, or other areas may round out the case of Shingles.

Oh quick! What's the solution to these Shingles symptoms?

If you really have the above symptoms get to a doctor fast. There are medications that can nip the symptoms in the bud if started early enough. Otherwise, doctors will shake their heads and say these shingles symptoms will come and go the rest of your life! You are doomed.

There are also some natural remedies to try. My Dad was cured of shingles by smearing aloe vera gel on his chest and I gave him aloe vera gel to eat before each meal for four days. That's when I asked him how his shingles were; Dad checked his chest and couldn't find them any more!

A cream with Capsaicin (pronounced cap-SAY-sin) is the active ingredient in chili peppers. It's what gives chili peppers their spicy kick. One doctor online recommends stirring some cayenne powder (from your kitchen spice shelf) into a jar of vaseline. But this page has full recipes using real strong peppers, oil and beeswax to make your own painkiller ointment. (I haven't tried it, so experiment at your own risk).

I do know from personal experience that Aloe Heat Lotion, about which I've written before, is great for easing minor aches and pains. I gave a tube of this cream to a friend for Christmas, and she and a co-worker of hers are begging for more. I've had some itching problems, but not the shingles symptoms, so I can only assume that this cream would ease that pain too.

I Recommend - INFINii

Do you sell things online? Such as health products, or anything else? If so you are part of a NEW movement. This is a great time to go into eCommerce! I know of a company that is prepared to guide you into it with their automated systems. INFINii (pronounced: IN-fin-E-i) is catching on like Uber (which is cheaper than taxis), or AirBNB (which is cheaper than hotels)! The owners are great at explaining things in videos. INFINii began in early December and 10,000 people joined and a large number made profits immediately! But their systems had to be upgraded to cope with the people flooding in, so the company did not rebill members until the end of January, and increased the incomes for successful members. Wow!

I'm sure you'll want to check it out for yourself, right? Go to watch this replay of the last video that explains INFINii;

(By the way, INFINii is set up to work also for "Internationals" those outside the USA, and is already being provided in three other languages)!

P.S. Remember, the monthly fees are in US $ so because of our weaker dollar, the fees are 30% more in Canadian funds. But ah-ha! So are your profits! Just ask me and I'll send you a PDF of the Compensation Plan. It will make you sit up!

Blessings & Thanks!

Ruth Marlene Friesen

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