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One of Three Most Profitable Fields Today is - Health,
December 09, 2019

One of Three Most Profitable Fields Today is - Health

Aloe Vera Tips n' Solutions - December 9, 2019

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
the newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 8 #98 December 9, 2019

Taking Care of Ourselves - One of Three Most Profitable Fields Today is - Health
Does Christmas Make You Extra Busy?
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One of Three Most Profitable Fields Today is - Health

One of the three most profitable fields today is Health. If you are online a lot, and read up on these things, or seek to make money online, you may have learned that the most effective fields to do business online, are health, dating and relationships, and creating wealth. Hey, it may be possible that you have no interest in creating wealth, or dating and relationships.... but I know you are interested in better health, or you would not have signed up to this ezine.

Personally, I have a great interest in health, especially the natural remedy side rather than drugs! Yet, I must confess I have some interest in creating wealth too. Not for myself, so much, as I've learned to be content with a limited supply. But I long to support Christian missionaries and individuals in need, and I meet more of them all the time.

So I have explored various online business opportunities and being frugal and highly principled, I watch some of them carefully for a while before I recommend them to others. Since 2015 I have followed certain men who began first one and then another business which not only made them millionaires, but also many of those who followed them. I've attended many online webinars in which Kevin, (a retired USA Air Force official, living in Japan now), and Hitesh, (a very brainy, smart man from India, living in the USA), have taught their high quality methods in the field of eCommerce. Earlier this year they noticed a downturn in that type of business, as it has become harder to do well than it was in the previous 5 years.

A much larger corporation came calling and offered to merge their businesses into their larger one, but because of Kevin and Hitesh's specialty in training members who like to market wisely how to use their methods and thus make millionaires in that niche, they have been helped to set up a branch-business of that larger conglomerate which will focus on training those who desire to excel at marketing the main business. In fact, that main business is becoming a collection of 12-15 income stream businesses, and may grow still larger.

Anyone may join the main LARGE corporation, and they can profit from giving away gift cards to encourage others to come in too. But the smartest people are first joining the training-marketing business of Kevin and Hitesh, called RiseNetwork, then join the LARGE Corporation with exactly the same login details. That puts you into a special position to benefit from their training, and the gifts and bright ideas they contribute to your success! The training videos have already been super helpful in the pre-launch period where we could sign up people before any fees were required.

For starters, Hitesh has predicted that anyone who can simply give away three gift cards a month, will be making six figures in about nine months. As more "verticles" - that is profit-making businesses, are added more opportunities for income streams are made available to us. We may talk about our favourite verticles to our friends, but ultimately, the smartest thing to do is to promote just one link, or give away gift cards to cover signup fees, or parts of the price of some popular products, and these will work to bring us incomes from whatever these signups have an interest in. It is foreseeable that you could get income from 15 or more businesses!

So... are you wondering what this Health niche stuff is about? I've just checked to make sure my information is fresh and uptodate. Of the six businesses (verticles) that are open and ready to use, or shop from, four of them could be considered in the Health field. Well... maybe the first two are debatable. :)

The two that I would clearly consider health field, are; (1) Naturally Essential Oils, and (2) CareFreeNow, which includes health care and lifestyle and the ability to get DNA testing for illnesses that may run in your bloodline.

The two that I hesitate to call health topics, though others might be quicker to include them, are: (1) Medical Grade CBD Products, and (2) Smokable Hemp.

Two other verticles are about legal services. Of those that show up in the list, but are still greyed out (not accessible yet), include things like the Web, Telecom, Travel, Design, and BlockCommerce. I've heard about this last one that it will be somewhat like dropshipping, but there will be no need to buy products, or pay for software (like Shopify), and that these services will make running an eCommerce store a whole new adventure! (Infinii on steroids, eh?)

Do you want to know where to go to see this, or sign up?

Okay. Right here: And if you are super cautious as I am, you will be glad to get to see this replay of a webinar in which Hitesh explained how it all operates. This will be enlightening:

If you have any questions let me know and I'll do my best to answer, or get an answer for you. But since it is free to sign up and especially to see more of those training videos from RiseNetwork, I think that is the best way to do your own research before you commit yourself in earnest.

At least, that's what I would do.

Does Christmas Make You Extra Busy?

This question may be redundant; does Christmas make you extra busy?

Of course! Duh!

Exactly what keeps you so busy may depend on what is most important to you. Is it a lot of shopping? Or is it all the Christmas programs and parties you need to attend? What about preparing for your home filling up with guests? Or does your family travel to Grandma's house, and you have to pack carefully for everyone for several days, and work out the method of travel, etc.

In my case, I've been on low income for so many years that I usually try to make my own gifts - which is quite time-consuming. What's more, I'm one of those who writes long Annual Christmas letters, and I make my own Christmas cards. This often means I have to give up business hours in December just to get these projects done. Our parents are gone, and my siblings and their families are scattered to other provinces in Canada, so I don't have to worry about a house full of guests, but I do invite one or two friends who have no family to go home to, and that means I still put on a turkey meal for guests. However, that only fills Christmas Day.

What I'm trying to say here, that even on my small scale, I will likely find it hard to write another "Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions" until into the new year. But I don't think that worries you much - because - I expect you are very busy this month too. :)

So,, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, filled with Joy, and a Blessed New Year, with bountiful blessings all through the year!

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