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Can You Get Christmas Arthritis?
December 04, 2017

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Vol. 6 #73 December 4, 2017

Taking Care of Ourselves - How Good Green Tea is
Can You Get Christmas Arthritis?
I Recommend - Aloe Vera Powder
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Taking Care of Ourselves - How Good Green Tea is

Lately I've had some personal lessons in how good green tea is for us. I had read somewhere that the green tea has far more benefits than the other teas, but had forgotten those points. The one tea blend I had been ordering from the USA was getting rather expensive, so I was trying out some of my own dried herbs for a tea that would give me similar benefits. At one point I remembered that a Chinese friend who had spent the summer back in China had given me a nice big bag of green tea. I tried it straight alone, and also together with some other dried herbs. Then I discovered that when I used a tablespoon to put the dried green tea into my teaball, added a pinch of blessed thistle, and shook some tumeric into the teapot too, plus a squirt of honey - I ended up with a tasty combination.

Not only that, but the next morning, I had a very comfortable bowel movement, and in the afternoon, having another mug full of the tea warmed up with lunch, I enjoyed a nap, and then more help in cleansing out my bowels. I felt like I must have lost 2 lbs. at once, but all without discomfort. (Stepping on the scale did not confirm that guess, but after drinking this tea for a week I lost 4lbs. (Yesterday I saw I had gained 2 lbs back).

I talked about this with a Chinese friend who is a nurse, and she laughed and said, "How often do you see a fat Chinese person? We use this all the time to lose weight and keep slim!" Well, that was good to know. I've been sitting far too many hours at the computer and have been needing to shed a few pounds.

It turns out that green tea is usually an ingredient in any weight-loss projects you buy. It has so many wonderful features that it almost stretches credulity. Green tea is full of nutrients and antioxidants, it lowers the risk of cancer, burns fat cells, and improves brain cells too.

Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, but enough to produce a pleasant, energizing effect. It also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which can work synergistically with caffeine to improve brain function.

As already mentioned, green tea has antioxidants that may protect against cancer. It may reduce your risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's too, according to some clinical tests.

At the very least, we know that green tea can kill bacteria. That's great for lowering risks of infection. Think what that can mean for your mouth and dental health.

Furthermore, since green tea causes mild reductions on blood sugar levels, and also LDL cholesterol, so it may protect us from getting Type II Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Every little bit helps, doesn't it?

Back to the weight loss idea: green tea is particularly good at reducing our abdominal fat. That's what most of us want, right?

Oh, and a longer, healthy life too! Take this in; a study was done over 11 years with over 40,500 Japanese, ages 65 to 84. Those who drank the most green tea were 76% less likely to die during the six years they were in the study.

There is another type of green tea called Matcha which is made a little differently but is stronger and considered more effective with weight loss. However, there are some warnings that this is not for everyone. I will need to look into this further.

At any rate, I feel safe in drinking more of of the green tea I have, now that I know how good green tea is!

Any stories you can tell of what green tea has done for you?

Can You Get Christmas Arthritis?

I'm wondering this morning, whether you can get Christmas arthritis? What do you think?

I confess I've never heard those two words together before, but this morning I was talking with my neighbour Rita, my walking partner about two mornings a week, and she asked for remedies for the arthritis in her knees. Quickly, I tried to recall the advice I've given on my webpage about natural arthritis remedies on my websites, I've looked it up since then, and even printed out a paper brochure copy for Rita.

But as I look over the root causes of arthritis, I realize that Christmas feasting provides the perfect setting for triggering a bout of arthritis.

Allow me to quote some paragraphs out of my article, but do go read the whole thing online: natural arthritis-remedies.

he Root Cause
What is the root cause of all this suffering and awful pain? The many different answers really boil down to this one thing; there is an obstruction of acids and waste material in the body of an arthritis sufferer. Being cold and wet connects with that obstruction like an electrical current or magnetic field, and pain begins.

Where do those obstructions come from? A wrong diet and a sluggish bowel which is not eliminating the poisons as faithfully and regularly as it should leads to your system filling with uric acid and poisons. They usually collect in the joints and bodily tissues, from where the organs such as the liver, kidneys and bladder are suppose to filter and cast off the sludge. When arthritis sets in it means these organs are failing in their duty. Ignorance, or feelings of helplessness lead people to accept and resign themselves to these small - at first - aches and pains, believing they will go away if they are just patient for a few more days. Or weeks.

In fact, the best preventative remedy would be to resolve early in your life that you will avoid all foods and drinks that cause such acids and poisonous sludge in your body. That means, avoid coffee, black teas, liquor, and anything cooked or baked with white (demineralized) flour and white sugar. Add to that list all greasy, fried foods and especially meats like pork and bacon. Do this even before looking for natural arthritis remedies.

Kloss recommends a fruit diet for two or three weeks to help cleanse the body. One can add a potassium broth, French toast and mashed potatoes, if made very thin. A slippery elm tea is also very nourishing and strengthening. Go back to solid foods very gradually when done.

I have tried this and found this to work. I cared for my mother when she was dying and it was very stressful. Afterwards I was constipated, and had tremendous pain in my back and severe sinus headaches too. This kind of cleansing raw fruit diet for a couple of weeks brought life back into focus for me.

Another piece of good advice I have found is from Sherry Brescia of Holistic Bends in her book, "Great Taste, No Pain" - where she explains that eating fruit and vegetables at the same meal will make your digestion acidic and cause all kinds of problems. Sherry suggests a simple remedy; eat one or the other at a meal, but not at the same time. Allow 2-3 hours between the different foods groups. That works!

If you are willing to try making some herbal teas with those that are found to be most effective for arthritis, then you'll want to read that article and find those lists of herbs in latter part of the page. arthritis-remedies.

I'm hoping you don't end up with any Christmas arthritis this season. Instead, may you have a very merry and blessed Christmas season in good health!

I Recommend - Aloe Vera Powder

A reader of this ezine wrote last month to ask about aloe vera powder. I have not encountered that form before, but I did some research online and have more knowledge to share. Basically, when you get powdered aloe vera you have it in a concentration that can be 200 times as strong as the gel form. You would not want to take it at that strength on a daily ongoing way too long. But since aloe vera is helpful in about 21 health conditions, there may be times when you want to take a proactive approach and clear up a problem in a bigger hurry.

The aloe vera powder is made by rinsing pieces of the gel, from the aloe barbadensis Miller plant, to remove remnants of aloin. Aloin is that amber tinted ingredient in the inner walls of the skin, which is the laxative latex. Then the gel is dehydrated. Once dried up the gel chunks are ground into powder.

Aloe vera powder can be used alone or with food/drink. It is 200 times as strong as the gel, and still has about 75 ingredients like amino acids, enzymes, hormones, minerals, saponins, sterols, sugar (starch) lecithin and vitamins. Apparently the powder will have a faint herbal scent.

I would like to experiment with it first myself, before I say any thing more specific. In fact, I would invite you to write me if you have more experience and knowledge of using aloe vera powder. Simply reply to this email.

I have just this fall repotted a number of my small aloe vera plants into bigger pots. I now have about 30 individual pots of aloe vera in my house! Hopefully, in a few months I'll have some big enough to try making dry aloe vera powder. (I may also have some plants for sale then. wink~ wink~)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You!

Ruth Marlene Friesen

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