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Good News about Skin Cancer,!
December 03, 2018

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Vol. 7 #85 December 3, 2018

Taking Care of Ourselves - Feedback - and Good News about Skin Cancer!
Healthy Christmas Eating
I Recommend - 7 Remedies for Flatulence/Gas
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Feedback - and Good News about Skin Cancer!

My November article about skin care brought me some feedback and good news about skin cancer. I'd like to share these results with you.

Bob (Robert Malone), is a subscriber in Houston, Texas. He has given me good advice in the past (ie. last year when I was dealing with shingles), and he wrote again to add to my list of skin care problems and some easy do-it-yourself remedies. This time it is about skin cancer. I will let you read this in his own words first, and then I'll tell you what I found when I researched this.

Bob wrote:
Ruth, I'll tell you another one - it can be critical. I learned it from two doctors. You can easily get rid of skin cancer with iodine. Simply apply it many times during the day. Finally, a layer will peel off. Then you do it again. After the 4th layer is peeled, it will be gone forever. Have an ah peeling day, Bob.
P.S. I suggest taping the iodine bottle to a card board so you can't spill it!!

By the way, Bob owns, Malone Petroleum Consulting, and he is an expert oil and gas auditor. He is wise on many other topics too!

I've never had skin cancer, so I felt I should see if this could be confirmed from other sources. It didn't take long to see that the websites that make any reference to using iodine for healing skin cancer, mostly, - (but probably all cancers) - are referring to the research of Dr Tullio Simoncini (oncologist) in Rome, He shows that skin cancers epithileomas, basaliomas, and melanomas are caused by Candida fungus. You can read up on this in detail on his websites, and, also

A youtube channel by seoleoINT shares testimonials of people who have been healed of cancer with these methods, but some are in other languages. You may not understand all of them.

I'll quote a few key llines from his websites, to give you an idea of what to expect.

The Simoncini Iodine Protocol for Skin Cancer

“All skin cancers are always caused by the candida fungus which has adapted itself to metabolizing the most proteinaceous constituents of the epidermis and that can, therefore, only rarely be treated with sodium bicarbonate solutions."

"The treatment to choose for epithileomas, basaliomas, and melanomas is iodine solution at seven percent, as it is capable of precipitating the proteins of the body of the fungus and destroying them completely in a short time.

If the lesions are fairly small, they must be painted with the solution 10-20-30 times, twice a day for five days and then once for another ten days so that they become very dark. When the eschar is formed and it is higher than the epidermic plane, it is necessary to continue to paint under and above it, even if at first this causes a sharp pain.

This very same operation must be repeated for the second eschar that is formed. At this point the lesion may be considered destroyed, because after the third cycle it is possible to reach the center of the neoplasia, where the colonies try to resist to the last.”

"When a tumour is large it is necessary to perform a cycle of infiltrations below the skin with sodium bicarbonate at five per cent solution. This liberates the tissue from the possible invasion of the deep planes and of the basal lamina before performing the treatment with iodine solution. If this is not done, we risk the fungus, once destroyed at a superficial level, defending itself by trespassing into those levels where a conclusive action of the iodine solution is impossible.

How Prevent skin cancers

There is also a homemade cream for skin cancer developed by Dr Gordon Telford. It reduces the incidence of actinic keratosis which precede squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas.

How to make;
Put 2 ounces of skin cream in a sterile container.
Add 14 grams (one rounded tablespoon) of vitamin C powder.
Add 4,000 IU of vitamin E
Add 60,000 IU of vitamin A (use vitamin A only not beta carotene)
Add And 1.5 grams of zinc sulphate.
Mix thoroughly

(This recipe is from David Williams alternatives November 2005)

I could give you a number of links to video testimonials of people whose skin cancer was healed by natural remedies. However, if I put too many links in this email it will probably bounce into your spam folder, and you will never see it. Therefore, I would urge you to do your own research online, using keywords like, "cure skin cancer with natural remedies", or "iodine for skin cancer."

There are so many I have not had time to read all the websites, or watch all the vidoes yet! But I am working on a new webpage where there will be room for quite a bit.

Healthy Christmas Eating

I've noticed a number of websites offering quizzes or lists for healthy Christmas eating. Here's my list of 10 ways to keep eating healthy all through the Christmas Season;
1. Keep a small notebook on your person, (or your phone) and record every thing you eat and how much. If you have a good friend or partner, make a bet that you can eat less than he or she. If you wish, you can plan a prize for the winner.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast early in the morning and verbalize aloud your resolve to eat healthy all day long.

3. When food is offered to you, ask yourself, "Am I really hungry?" If not, say, "No thanks." But eating three decent meals a day is better than grazing and nibbling all day on this and that.

4. Stick to small portions whenever you get to choose. Or, eat only half and offer someone else the rest. Some foolish person is likely to wolf it down.

5. Chew and eat slowly! Pause between bites to entertain others with stories, or your pearls of wisdom.

6. Go for a walk after a meal, or persuade someone to play an active game with you. Up on your feet!

7. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated. You could add ad squirt of lemon for flavour, and to cut down on bowel gas.

8. Prove that you can turn down every offer of pop, sugary punch, and alcohol. To avoid getting prideful over your self-control, follow each instance with a compliment to someone else, or do a small favour.

9. Don't graze or nibble from open trays of sweets and desserts. Instead, see if you can distract someone else doing that, by engaging them in a lively discussion, or challenge them to a physical activity. (Give yourself extra points in your notebook later, when no one is watching, if you got others so absorbed in watching and listening that they forgot to nibble too!)

10. When you do sit down to the feast table, keep your mind engaged as you choose carefully for a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and half your plate full of raw veggies (no calories!)

IF you can pull off all the above you'll be the life of the party and hardly anyone (except the one you may have made the bet with), will even notice that you didn't stuff yourself like the unlucky turkey.

I Recommend - 7 Remedies for Flatulence/Gas

Eating rich and sweet foods can stir up a storm of gas in our bowels. That pent up pressure can cause aches and pains in other parts of our body. Even headaches. You want to avoid that!

Here's a few quick remedies. Drink water before your meal, then chew and eat slowly. If it still happens, and if you can get a whole real lemon, cut out a wedge about as wide as your finger. Suck the juice out of that wedge. (I find a headache clears up in about half an hour after that).

You can also make some ginger or peppermint tea, chew on a sprig of parsley, or dissolve half a teaspoon of baking soda in a half cup of water and drink it.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to You and Yours!

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