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December 21, 2020
Hi Christmas Blessings & Rejoicing at Rebuild!

Aloe Vera Tips n' Solutions - December 21, 2020

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 9 #115 December 21, 2020

Christmas Blessings & Rejoicing at Rebuild!

You may recall in my last issue I told you that I was taking a break to focus full-strength on a rebuilding of my site, Well, I got that finished a week ago, and have plunged next into getting my big batch of Christmas letters out to my many relatives and personal friends. That is not quite finished, but I felt strongly that I should report as I had promised, when I got the site rebuilt.

I can see where it needs more new pages/articles, and some clear but tactful monetization. However, I am going to press on with this intensive plan to rebuild three more sites in the new year, and then tackle my first site about my novel, which grew to be over 1000 pages, but it definitely needs rebuilding and refreshing of all the content. I am hoping to take back my Monday mornings soon for fresh new material in the Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions ezine. (This email sent regularly). If the three smaller sites I hope to rebuild in January and February each only take about three weeks as did the first two, then I think I will be able to slow down for the last three sites, and take time for my email newsletters and some time for writing fresh content.

Meantime, feel free to go have a look - even with your cellphone... and let me know what you think.

So there you have a glimpse into my New Year. . . But right now we want to take time to celebrate these holidays, especially Christmas, which is very meaningful to me.

I realize that we are probably all making adjustments to our usual holiday plans. This COVID-19 virus has grabbed all of us by some corner of our hems - or more. I do hope you have not had to deal with the illness or the loss of precious loved ones who could not survive the cruel virus. If you have, my heart goes out to you. May God Himself comfort you, and give you assurance of seeing them again through a saving faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.

I have not forgotten you! Though I don't know all of you personally, I have been blessed by some subscribers who have corresponded with me, and thus become my friends. I hope to work at developing more good quality friendships through this ezine/email. Normally, I try to work at it every Monday morning, even though I only manage to get a good email out about every second or third week. Perhaps if I revise my methods, it may come more often in the future.

I did hear a German woman describe her methods for keeping in touch with her website visitors by regular emails and her example rather inspired me! I would like to try something similar, but I realize that while I'm crashing through the rebuild of some other sites, I will not be able to give this the full attention you deserve. So I'm afraid I will still be sporadic for a while. Hopefully, just another 2-3 months.

Can you hang in there for me? :)

I'm going to try to organize a family reunion via Zoom on Christmas Day. We haven't all been together since Dad died 13 years ago.

Whatever kind of Christmas you will be able to celebrate with your family or loved ones, may it bring you much JOY and PEACE. If you have no one to celebrate - focus on Jesus - it IS HIS birthday, isn't it?

May you also have a much better year than you've had just now, when you get into 2021! Do not despair! Look up - the Ones who love us the most are there!

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