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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions - Holiday Eating,
December 01, 2014

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 3 #36 December 1, 2014

Taking Care of Ourselves - Holiday Eating
A Practical Tip/Solution - Answer for Chronic Inflamed Stomach
I Recommend - Aloe Your Miracle Doctor
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Holiday Eating

If you are an American, you've just had the big Thanksgiving holiday last Thursday, and you may be talking as if you don't need or want to do any more holiday eating for a month.

At the same time, the preparation for Christmas gears are grinding loud and steady. Can you still think and plan your self-control tactics, or are you being sucked in by the vortex of it all? Like water going down the drain?

It's time to sit down for an honest thinking and planning session, by yourself and with your family. I believe the thinking and planning will be more productive if you also pray and ask God's help. He does care about such things.

Is holiday eating gluttony?

Gluttony is greedily stuffing yourself with all the foods you like, without thinking of the consequences to your body or your spirit and soul. Can eating so selfishly really affect you in long-term ways and other parts of your being? Discuss this question fairly and honestly with your family or close friends. See what conclusions will come out.

Can you really stick to healthy foods when planning parties and holiday menus?

Why not? Healthy foods are tasty and can present very well. They are not yukky foods. But if you screen out most of the sugary sweet stuff (which is addictive anyway), and arrange colourful raw fruits and vegetables. Work in some whole grains and nuts, or nut butters, and learn to mix some smoothies. They can have such personalities, and people who taste them for the first time are usually surprised and eager for more.

You'll gain some fans for the Holiday eating you provide.

While thinking about getting away from selfish and greedy ways; how about sharing the leftovers with some individual or family that had as good as no choices whatsoever in their holiday eating.

These three points can make a huge difference;
1. change your attitude away from greedily, selfish gulping of foods without thinking of consequences
2. seek out healthy food choices when you you can, for yourself and for guests,
3. look for ways to share and give of your bounty to those who have none.

Your next session of holiday eating can be much better than the times in the past.

A Practical Tip/Solution - Answer for Chronic Inflamed Stomach

Maybe you are one of those that dreads big holiday meals because of how sensitive your stomach is. Perhaps you even have a chronic inflamed stomach condition, like John, who wrote on my site;

"I have been suffering with chronic stomach inflammation for over a year. I have tried so many things; nothing helps.

If I eat certain things like corn, wheat, or sugar, I flare up.

I'd like to know if aloe vera plant gel would help me. I'm allergic to citric acid so I'm not sure if aloe vera plant has it. Can you please let me know?

Thank you so much."

Here's my answer to John:

Yes, John!
Aloe Vera can definitely help with chronic stomach inflammation! I know this from personal experience, and also my Dad's.

Dad had a stomach ulcer, and could not afford the Rx, so I gave him raw aloe vera gel 2 or 3 times a day for 6 weeks. When he went back, the ultra sound showed NO ulcer at all any more.

The fact that you have that easily inflamed stomach indicates that the good bacteria that are to dissolve and absorb your food into your body are outnumbered. You need to replenish the probiotics in your system, and the aloe vera will help with that in a very gentle, soothing way.

I'm no doctor or scientist, I can only speak from personal experience, because I was making my list of what I could eat shorter and shorter all the time too. Even too much physical exercise when I was doing my Saturday yard work and housecleaning could tie my stomach up in knots for the next couple of days.

But when I started drinking aloe vera juice at least once a day, things began to change. I now eat breads again, and pretty well whatever I want. Of course, in moderation. Also, I try to stick mostly to raw fruits and vegetables for the most part. Or about 25-50% at least.

If you take too much aloe vera at a time, your bowels will dump it, but your whole digestive tract needs to be rinsed and healed by aloe vera anyway, so I would not worry about it if it just happens occasionally.

I hope you will find this true too, John!

P.S. Another friend asked on the phone the other evening, whether she could take internally some aloe vera lotion she had on hand.

I had to say that because of other (likely preservative) ingredients that might have been added I would not take the lotion internally. You don't want to drop dead because there was high an amount of something crazy like arsenic in there!

For internal use I would recommend sticking to raw aloe vera gel out of the leaf, aloe vera juice, or aloe vera capsules.

I Recommend - Aloe Your Miracle Doctor

For those of us who are always looking out for more information about aloe vera, the e-book, Aloe Your Miracle Doctor, is a compilation of nearly all, if not all the answers we might need. Well done, Yulia Berry!

It shares a number of facts, from both the history of aloes, and also a great number of scientific facts. There's a chapter on how to grow and multiply your own plants, and another on the most simple methods for extracting the aloe gel for your remedies. The rest, more than half of the whole book, then lists all kinds of ailments and how to use aloe vera as your remedy in each situation.

Phamaceutical companies can only dream of creating medicines that are as powerful and effective as aloe vera. Aloe your miracle doctor, is one of the best antioxidants, and will boost or improve the work of vitamins C and E, which are considered excellent antioxidants in their own right.

If you've heard anything about aloe vera at all, the first thing you may know is that it is great for burns. Break off a piece of the long green leaves, split it open and smear the gel on your burns. In a very little while you will notice improvement, or easing of pain, and in another day or so, if it was a slight burn, you may have trouble finding the spot that was burned. It has removed all trace of the damage to your skin! But aloe vera your miracle doctor is able to do much more for you. It heals open wounds, ulcers (yes, it can be taken internally), clears up digestive disorders, restores after blood loss, and more and more tests are showing that it is very beneficial in oncology (cancer treatments).

Now tests are showing that a coating of the aloe gel over food will preserve it and make it stay fresh much longer. For example, grapes dipped in the gel remained tasty and fresh for over a month. Imagine that! (I think it proves aloe vera is a miracle doctor)!

I'm sure we'll hear more about that as food processors get their hands on this information. Meantime, what's to stop us from applying this knowledge? :)

Aloe - Your Miracle Doctor, told me of things I had not heard of before. One of these is biogenic stimulation method, for preparing aloe vera juice. Another is the number of remedies that have been compiled for so many ailments. Take for instance angina, which is spasms of pain in the heart. Yulia has found 7 remedies. Now, not everyone involves aloe vera, but there is bound to be one for which you have the ingredients at hand, and can use if you have angina.

I can't repeat the whole 90 page book about aloe vera remedies here, so you need to get your own copy and study it for the remedies, so that you can find the ones you want to try. I am sure though, that you will be surprised at the new things you will learn about aloes and their medicinal uses. This e-book delivers a lot!

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