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Neurology of Your Immune System,
April 27, 2020

Aloe Vera Tips n' Solutions - April 27, 2020

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 9 #104 April 27, 2020

Taking Care of Ourselves - The Neurology of Your Immune System
Lower Anxiety, Stress, Improve Sleep, and Wipe out Pain - All Done Legally
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The Neurology of Your Immune System

It must be at least two years ago that I learned about these socks that work on the nerves in your feet to stabilize your balance, your emotions, and your whole nervous system. If you know about Reflexology, this may not surprise you so much. Reflexologists have been able to improve our physical conditions without medication or any abracabra statements over you for many years. But now you can have that kind of treatment in an ongoing, continuous kind of way as long as you wear these specially designed - and copyrighted - socks.

When I first ordered and tried them I found that I was more discouraged by how tight the elastics were around my ankle above my foot, causing me some edema. I had set them aside. However, recently I saw more videos of testimonies of people who have found these socks to do miracles for them. Those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) find that they have balance when they put the socks on. Those with tremors in their hands - in moments have steady hands and can focus their movements perfectly.

So last week I got out my Voxx Socks again and realized after a bit that I'd probably ordered a size or two too small for me, but if I ignored the tightness at the ankle, the soles of the socks worked on my mind to calm me down. (I have a very nimble, busy mind that can be all over the map and on different planets at the same time). I was able to think in an orderly and productive way, and in the afternoon, I just knew it was time for a nap. A very refreshing time; when I woke I was ready to get back to work.

Yes, when I first learned about these socks I signed up to become a distributor or agent for VoxxLife, but I had got distracted with other goals and not done much about it. Last week I binge watched the testimonial videos. In fact, I found 59 of them in one channel on YouTube. :)

I have tried to make a point of attending the weekly webinar on Thursday evenings, and just two weeks ago Jay, the owner, CEO, of VoxxLife, introduced the brand new NeuroVax patch, which can be stuck on your arm and you can leave it in place for 48 hours, and it will do some amazing things to perk up and expand the uses of your brain stem. It is particularly aimed at regulating your Neural reflexes and Immunity Parallel, where there have been great advances made in neuroscience and immunology.

Last week I ordered 2 packages of the NeuroVax patches. These arrived just this morning in the mail. There are 15 pink patches to a small pouch. Each one is good for 48 hours, so that is a 30 day supply. Apparently they will not wash off in the shower or bath. I've just put one on my upper arm! But I should probably wait a week or two before I tell you what happened me.

Rather than copy/pasting more of these great scientific terms, I am going to suggest you visit the official site. If you want to understand now this non-medical, non-invasive stuff can have such a profound effect on your nervous system, you want to click on the word "Technology" at the very top of this site; If you want to see and hear people tell their personal experience stories, and demonstrate the difference these aides make for them, you want to click on the words, "News & Stories" at the top. When you are ready to see and order these products, click on the word "Shop" at the top left.

Some of the videos are about the technology with demos of changes in the brain almost immediately, but most of the videos that are flooding YouTube and other places, like Facebook, are about the Voxx Socks and/or Insoles. But then these products have been around for about four years. The eSmartr sleeve came out last year, (this helps greatly for concentration, and creative thinking), and the patches in just recent months. Almost 100% of those who try these products report wonderful changes in their quality of life.

Oh, I almost forgot. There is a knee support too.

Once again, here's the link to visit:

Lower Anxiety, Stress, Improve Sleep, and Wipe out Pain - All Done Legally

It is fascinating how helpful wellness information and products come to our attention all at the same time. One online business I am involved with, has initiated a great 30-day training with a small assignment to do each day. If you do these assignments you will find that in 30 days your are most likely to be making an income from this business.

Now the training business gets us to sign up for a company that is a front for 12-15 stores or income streams possible. All from promoting one link. The one Kevin has been training us to market, using a Gift Card we can design and offer for $15 off, is for CBD Oils. So I've been learning how that can wipe out pain with a few drops. And no, there is no hallucinogenic in this product. No bad side effects at all!

I put an article on my business blog site last week. I'll give you the link to go read the whole thing rather than repeating it here; Lower Anxiety, Stress, Improve Sleep, and Wipe out Pain – All Done Legally

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