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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #009 - Hay Fever
September 03, 2012

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 1 #9 September 3, 2012

Taking Care of Myself - Hay Fever
A Practical Tip/Solution - Panothenic Acid, a Desperate Measure
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Taking Care of Myself - Hay Fever

This time of year hay fever sweeps through many communities. It got me remembering...

Back in the 1970s, when I lived in London, Ontario, Canada, I was not taking very good care of myself. I hated to cook, so took unhealthy short-cuts, like mixing pink lemonade, and opening cans of pre-made foods just to warm up. I didn't exercise - because I was skinny and didn't think I needed it. When with people, I would usually be animated in conversation, but as soon as I was alone I was slumping over with something to read.

Do you know anyone like that? If you do, you can try to warn them that bad health is around the corner for them, but don't be surprised if they won't listen.

In my case, I suddenly came down with hay fever. I was sitting at my office job and rubbing my eyes like crazy. They itched so much. When the general manager's secretary came by, she exclaimed, "What's wrong with your face?" I didn't know what she was talking about, so I dashed around the corner to the washroom to look in the mirror. My face looked like pink balloons sagging full of fluid all over my cheeks and eyes. Yikkes!

I was still new in the city and had no doctor, so the secretary picked one out of the phone book, called a cab and sent me off post haste to see a doctor in my neighbourhood.

This doctor was still fairly new at his business too, so he had to pull a book off the shelf to look up my symptoms. Then he announced that I had hay fever, and he would give me a cortisone shot.

That was a start of nearly 12 years of misery every fall, and other things began to trigger the hay fever too, the mold on grasses and tree pollens, and some foods. But it was also the start of my journey to health, for my landlady, Mama Mac, loaned me her book, "Let's Get Well," by Adelle Davis, and gave me a bottle of chewable vitamin Cs. As I read, I popped those vitamin Cs into my mouth every 15 minutes, and I sipped at my lemonade. By midnight my sneezing and drippy sinuses had cleared up, and I was convinced that I should learn more about eating healthy and starting to use supplements.

As my knowledge and experiments with supplements and better food habits grew, my health improved. There were out of the blue attacks, and I had to go read up some more, and ask questions at the health food store, but they became stepping stones to a stronger, healthier lifestyle.

There are more chapters in this saga, and I may tell some of these stories as it seems suitable. When I moved back to Saskatchewan in 1983, I was relieved to see that our ditches here are not as full of ragweed as they are in Ontario. My hay fever pretty well disappeared, except for windy days in spring and in fall, when other pollens were stirred into the air.

So what works best for hay fever allergy relief?

Some people depend heavily on antihistamines, and I know I tried out many brands. Some scared me when I got too foggy to drive safely, and had some near misses. Others would become ineffective once my body got used to them. Now I think of antihistamines as something to keep on hand for crisis intervention, to make it through an event I must attend, but not for regular, daily use.

My first approach is to try to keep my digestive tract clear, and my immune system built up. The fact that allergens are entering my body and causing my own cells to attack each other as if the enemy, means that my system has some wires crossed, and it is in panic mode. Cleanse, build up the system, and rest can bring us the miraculous hay fever relief we long to have.

Even if you don't do a complete purge of the colon and digestive tract, try eating just raw fruits and drinking pure juices for a week or two. See if that doesn't bring in some pleasant changes. (Note: lemons are a cleanser and oranges are a healer. Apples do a good job too, and are milder).

A Practical Tip/Solution - Panothenic Acid, a Desperate Measure

Sometimes you need to take a desperate measure for an allergy attack when you are beside yourself for wanting out of it. One secret I stumbled upon in my efforts to deal with my allergy attacks in Ontario, was panothenic acid (also known as B-5).

Huh? Acids are not good for you! Ah, but this one is different. It is one of the B Vitamin family. There is a whole complex or group of essential ingredients in the B Vitamin family and one of them is called panothenic acid. I read that it gives a totally natural boost of adrenalin in our bodies. It is much safer for us than a medical shot of cortisone, which artificially stimulates our adrenalin glands to produce more energy to cope with a crisis.

Well, I discovered that I could buy panothenic acid tablets at the health food store, and soon found that popping one of those tablets would give me an amazing energy boost within about ten minutes. My sinuses would suddenly clear, my sneezing would stop, my eyes would stop dribbling that itchy mucus.

But that stuff is not candy. Do not start popping that daily or several times a day.

I did and found that my poor adrenalin glands got worn out. Sometimes, if your horse collapses, you need to give it time to rest rather than beating it to death. Same with your adrenalin glands. So I gave up panothenic acid and gave my glands a chance to rest and rebuild more slowly.

Sometimes, if I get sick now I ask myself, "Does this call for my Desperate Measure"? Usually I persuade myself that it is not to that point. But if you are at your wit's end with your allergy attacks this fall, you may want to know about panothenic acid (B5) and use it when you NEED to take a Desperate Measure.

Panothenic acid is a component of coenzyme A (CoA), so if you feel too run down and tired all the time, you might want to try Coenzyme A as a supplement.

Better yet, is to get a big bottle of B Complex 100. It has all the B vitamins in proper proportions and at a good strength. I take one or two a day, and my body is able to keep up with my extremely active and adventuresome mind.

I Can Recommend - Supplements Online

You may be asking, where do you get such supplements? Also, if you think supplements are too expensive in your home town, you can order them online as I do most of the time now. Here's a few places to start your search;

My favourite place is; Puritan's Pride

Last week I set up a page on another site of mine to show how to shop for your nutritional supplements online, and at the bottom is a list of some other places you might want to check out. nutritional supplements online.

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