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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #019- Hives
July 01, 2013

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 2 #18 July 1, 2013

Taking Care of Ourselves - Hives
A Practical Tip/Solution - Remedies for Coping with Hives
I Recommend - Aloe First
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Taking Care of Myself - Hives

Spring was late in our area, but by the beginning of June, it felt like summer had arrived, with nice, warm days. The insects are plentiful too. I distinctly recall seeing one underneath my left forearm. Reflexively, I gave it a swat, and saw a bloody smear on my arm. "Hmm! That one took a load of my blood already!"

By the next day that bite spot had turned into a swollen red hive. It really itched! Then they started to pop up in other places. I began to gather and try various home remedies.

On the Friday, when I was about to leave my desk at work, I reached down to scratch my ankle and spied another bug. Quickly, I flicked it to the floor and stomped on it. It left a red smear too, but I thought it had been much larger than a mosquito. So that evening I did some online research, and discovered that yes, it is possible to develop an allergy to insect bites, that allergy can manifest as hives.

I recalled that I'd had hives for the first time last summer, and the season had been from June to when I had the garden cleaned up in the fall, and I quit working in it. I'd considered and blamed various things all through those months, but now it seemed more clear that it could all relate to an allergy to insect bites.

Now I'm taking extra precautions, with high socks, long pant-legs, and long-sleeved blouses when I go outside. I also keep certain remedies stocked up, just in case.

Hives come and go. Week before last I had about three days of misery with hives all up and down my left arm. The swollen lumps were as big as goose eggs, and gave off heat! I even went to a doctor, but he thought I just had insect bites. He recommended an anti-histamine for insect bites. Rather doubtful I got some, and they seemed to clear up that bout. But I used lots of hdrogen peroxide too, and my herbal ointments.

No doubt I'm not the only one, wanting to be rid of hives for good - meaning forever! Let's share some remedies..

A Practical Tip/Solution - Remedies for Coping with Hives

Here's my list of remedies I like best for coping with hives. If you have some you'd like to contribute to my list, I'll see about putting a page up on the website to share them all with other sufferers who are hunting for something new to try.

Aloe First - a spray from Forever Living. Oh, that feels so good! But it disappears into your skin and after a while you need to spray it again.

Arnica gel - it has a mild painkiller in it, so that I get relief from the itching for a while.

Organeo oil - as capsules - I take two at a time, about twice a day, as it is a natural antibiotic to deal with any infection that may be in my body, causing the hives.

Pantothentic acid - just one of the B Complex of vitamins. This one gives my adrenalin glands a bit of a crack of the whip so it produces more natural adrenalin to meet the crisis in my body. One must be careful not to over-do this one, or the adrenalin glands will get exhausted.

Anti-histamine - Benalyn - or 'no name' equivalent - for a crisis day, when you are willing to use even a drug to get some peace.

Less activity? If you know what causes your hives, avoid that food, activity, etc. Sometimes just being less active and staying in a safe place (as for instance, if your garden is full of bugs) - this can give you some relief too.

I Can Recommend - Aloe First

Aloe First is an excellent item to have in your first aid kit. This unique skin-soothing formula, is a great first-line defense in any skin irritations or wounds. It contains pure, stablized aloe vera, bee propolis, allantoin and eleven other exclusive plant extracts.

The bottle contains 16 oz. and though it appears a bit awkward to carry in your purse, I've done so, just to have it handy even at church. Actually, a spray in the car lasted long enough until I came out to go home 3 hours later. So I left it in the car.

You can order Aloe First spray directly from this link for the Personal Care products if you are in the USA and HERE if you are in Canada. If you live in any other country, let me know, and I'll give you a special link to order it, as I am a distributor now. (The perk in that is that now I can order it wholesale).

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